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Amidst the pandemic, when people are trying their best to get their life back on track while adjusting to the new normal, the monotonous routine can be extremely overwhelming at times. Finding calmness in this chaos has become very essential. Therefore, people are constantly looking for experiences to get their heart-throbbing again. In such a case, escape room games have become a perfect option due to their unique and adventurous approach towards gaming.  

Escape room brands are adopting new strategies to outdo their competitors and woo the escape enthusiasts so that they try out an experience designed by their brand. This increasing competition is resulting in cut-throat rivalry among different firms.  

The twin challenge of adjusting to the new normal and constantly finding a window for an escape from reality has led to the conception of online escape rooms. Multiple brands have started offering virtual escape games to attract a wider range of customers including those, who are not as tech-savvy as the upcoming generation of gamers. 

Web developers are striving hard to get the best results. In order to stand apart from the crowd, an easy to understand and user-friendly website is a must. Therefore, website developers have started to emphasize the use of plugins. 


What are plugins? 

Plugins are basically small pieces of software that you can bolt onto your website. They are like apps for your sites. A plugin is an element of software programming that helps in adding features as well as functionality to the website.  

This is a piece of software that is utilized in another software for a particular capability. Furthermore, they can be plugged into another website thus driving the name, “plugins”. 

In simple words, a plugin helps in extending the functionality of the browser. Numerous web page development sites such as HTML, WordPress, etc offer the option of plugins. There are officially free WordPress plugins as well as paid premium plugins.  

Here are some of the parameters that you should consider before choosing a plugin for your website. 


The plugin that you have selected should be compatible with your website development platform.  


Since there are various free as well as paid plugins, you should always take a look at their ratings because this helps in selecting the better option.  


Make sure the plugin in consideration is up to date as well as regularly updated.  


5 commonly used plugins  

We have shortlisted 5 most common plugins that can be used in your escape room website for better and adequate results. 

●Name: Escape room  

●Offered by: Simon Fasouliotis 

This is a plugin in WordPress. It offers the escape room brands, a feature that helps their customers to confirm a booking. The escape room plugin also shows the list of available rooms in specific categories. Some of its features are: 

  1. Availability of uncountable rooms 
  1. A user can select a room according to his/her preferred time, theme, and duration.  
  1. It also offers a booking form for the user’s ease. 

●Name: Online Booking System  

●Offered by: Checkfront 

This plugin is made with the intention of providing users with a hustle free booking experience. It facilitates the user by interconnecting their checkfront account to their WordPress platform. It offers a virtual birthday party booking experience that includes: 

  1. Simple online transactions  
  1. Easy reservations 
  1. Quick availability checking  

●Name: My Reservation System 

●Offered by: Unknown 

This is another extremely useful plugin that helps the user with reservations. My Reservation System works by connecting to your WordPress site and then further offers your users the ease of making reservations. It helps the companies by providing the options of the following: 

  1. Taking reservations via the internet. 
  1. Receiving online payments. 
  1. Selecting the availability period. 

●Name: WP Simple Booking Calendar 

●Offered by: Unknown  

WP Simple Booking Calendar plugin is very easy to use. It lets the firm create a user-friendly booking calendar. Set yourself an easy to understand calendar, entirely based on your availability in just a few clicks. This plugin offers various features such as: 

  1. Creating a booking calendar. 
  1.  Translation option for various languages. 
  1.  Displaying numerous months, specific dates and special events in just one click. 

Name: WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress 

●Offered By: Usability Dynamics, MariaKravchenko, Andy Potanin, Anton Korotkoff, jbrw1984, Maxim Peshkov, and Eric Sopp. 

This plugin can be of great use if you intend to create a customer support option for your Escape room website. It helps to drastically improve the communication between the users and owners as well. After all, a humble and polite customer care service is loved by everyone. Some of its features are-  

  1.  Effectively handle customers. 
  1. Easy to generate contact forms. 
  1. Fluently manage your relations with interested candidates. 


There is no denying the fact that plugins play a major role in website development. Thus, including appropriate plugins on a website is very essential. 

We have carefully researched and reviewed numerous alternatives of plugins available to the users worldwide. While we have compiled the list after thorough examination, It is imperative that you jot down all your requirements as well as preferences to select the one which is most suitable and relevant for your website. 

If you utilize any of these plugins for your website development, an enhanced website which is user friendly along with a unique interface is guaranteed.  

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