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Encouraging customers to buy your product can be one of the biggest challenges you will ever face when starting a business. We always tend to get in touch to our buyers in order to serve them better. Establishing a website where your products are showcased is one of the best resorts in spreading the fact that you have a business. Yes, it’s a part of building your first eCommerce website is being hesitant. But always remember that it only takes few time, effort and money to acquire one of this.

Every eCommerce site has its own unique needs, so there is no such things a general outline for a business site. There are certain factors to consider when stabilizing a perfect eCommerce website.  First is being aware on what you are selling. You might be selling products which you will ship to the consumers after they purchased it. It can also be selling of virtual stuff such as ebooks, game software, music files and other online products. Another factor is considering the functionality of the shopping method you should offer. Will you be merchandising a single product or your customers will be searching for other goods and buy in multiple? Are these products related with distinctive options? If you are offering clothes, for example, color and size might be a choice to include. There a lot of options you must find before considering in making a business website. Another thing is how consumers will pay you. There are a lot of ways and options to manage this thing. First and foremost, online shoppers would likely pay you in a credit and debit card system. One of the best ways to receive payments is via Paypal. Paypal has been reliable for several years not only for online merchants but also for payrolls on online jobs. Delivering and shipping of the products should also be considered, always remember that you are not just selling items and receiving payments, but also satisfying your customers. An advantage of creating a site is attracting prospect customers from other countries. Normally, buyers shoulder the shipping fees for the product. It also requires days or even weeks to be received by the customer.


When we buy things, we always consider the opinions of the people around us. In the business industry today, a lot of people recommend on buying and acquiring stuff using the internet. Building trust from online sellers on the internet has been dependent on the feedback of other people who bought products from them. This is what we call the Amazon effect. People tend to purchase things first on the web before any other options such as going to a store and acquire things they needed. This is one of the best examples of building a virtual online trust to the consumers.e-2

If you are to build a good feedback system for your online market, check out what Amazon has. Customers which were satisfied on the service you provided, would likely to leave a good feedback for you. Other prospect buyers who will see those reviews would likely to build trust and buy things to you. Information of the items which were fully described can also attract buyers. A lot of business websites today are increasing their sales by drawing customers using their feedback system on every product. Buyers before purchasing products would only find for negative feedback.

If your online visitors cannot buy or just want to browse on your products, you can also consider on adding a rating system for your website. This is different to feedback process because visitors will just leave a click on the rate part below so other people would know if other past visitors where satisfied. This would probably like the ‘thumbs up or down’ or simply the star system.

Another way to have a solid remark from your customer is enabling a ‘write a review’ system. Unlike the feedback system, reviews can be longer and detailed. You can mail the previous buyers to write a review for the product they have received. Do be more concise and detailed for other prospect buyers, adding a ‘pros and cons’ on every review. This can help possible buyers to be more unhesistant in buying. Most of your reviewers are probably not a professional writer so you can give them by mailing points and tips on how to write a review. Do not be discouraged on the minor negative details because this can also be the encouraging part for the possible buyers.


Another perfect way to gather visitors and possibly future buyers is by linking with search engines. Almost web users are using Google as their reference for anything they need to know. By just simply typing the product, your website must be in a good place on the search result. You can pay Google for that to happen.

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