Cannot initialize the indexer process

When I upgrade magento all is work fine but when I try to reindex then it show me error like "Cannot initialize the indexer process". I spend lot time and finally I got the solution for this. I found many solution for fixed this issue but not work for me but when I repair my magento database using database repair tool developed by Magento core then its fixed me. How to repair the magento database: 1. Download repair tool from Magento and unzip the package. 2. Upload magento-db-repair-tool-1.1.php to your server 3. Backup your current database (call it 'magentoDB1'). Export this database and then import it into a new database (let's call it 'magentoDB2'). 4. Install a fresh Magento using 'magentoDB2'. 5. Now open the the URL in browser:…
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