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Finding the finest product video review apps to employ to optimise your Shopify store takes time if you’re a busy entrepreneur running an ecommerce store. So I took it upon myself to do the effort for you.

When you look for product video review apps on Shopify, you’ll notice that there are a lot of them, so how do you know which ones are the best? These tools can assist you in collecting video reviews for your Shopify store in order to boost conversion rates.

By looking at the app store rating, the quantity of reviews, the app’s top features, and other subjective characteristics, I have picked the finest product video review applications. I hope you find this information useful in your search for the best video app for your store.


What value do video reviews have for eCommerce products?

When customers see an authentic video review during the research process, shopping process, checkout process, and even customer care process, you may expect an increase in conversions of up to 80%.

Hundreds of eCommerce businesses used video review collection apps to gather, manage, and distribute video reviews on their own websites, as well as on, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Crowdfunding Sites, emails, webinars, funnels, and other channels.

As your eCommerce products start to sell across various channels, it’s more critical than ever to establish confidence and reputation in both the channel and your own web properties.

Furthermore, the expansion of advertising across all major eCommerce platforms has given marketers the freedom to place ads anywhere they want and say anything they want. As a result, people are losing faith in advertisements and instead want solid evidence, which is difficult to come by with text-based assessments.

Furthermore, the abundance of products, technology, and accessibility have levelled the playing field for competitors. Campaigns that are innovative and catchy are no longer enough for brands to succeed. Brands that want to compete on more than simply pricing must build an experience for their customers.


6 best video review apps

I compiled a list of the best video review apps and performed all the legwork for you by analysing the pro’s and cons of each product video review app.

Let’s take a closer look at the finest Shopify product video review apps.


1. WhatsApp Customer Reviews

WhatsApp Reviews is a one-of-a-kind product review app that allows small and large businesses to collect customer reviews, particularly video reviews, automatically over WhatsApp. Without compromising your brand, WhatsApp customer Reviews allows you to maximise social evidence and customer trust.

With a high response rate and 100% open rate, WhatsApp can help you collect reviews from all of your customers. You may convert all of your orders into reviews because to WhatsApp’s high open rate.



✅It is much easier for users to leave a review.

✅It’s simple to record and post video/photo reviews.

✅WhatsApp has a higher open rate. Requests for reviews will not be sent to the spam folder!

✅High response rate. So you can expect an assured reply from your customers.

✅Collect reviews using an easy-to-use chat interface. No more annoying forms.

✅ Excellent customer care and support



❌Must be on the payed plan for the unlimited publishing of video reviews




Free to install

The cost of sending an automated message varies by country and starts at $0.01 per message.

  • Unlimited Review Request
  • Unlimited Reviews
  • Publish up to 50 Reviews
  • Discount for photo reviews
  • Review Widget
  • Powerful integrations



or $8.25/month billed at $99 once per year

Automated message rates vary by country and start at $0.01 per message

  • Unlimited Review Request
  • Unlimited Reviews
  • Publish Unlimited Reviews
  • Discount for photo reviews
  • Review Widget
  • Powerful integrations


2. Reviews & UGC is a strong, easy-to-use customer marketing platform that enables you gather and promote high-impact reviews & ratings, customer photos/videos, and Q&A. It’s loved by Shopify businesses of all sizes, with thousands of 5* reviews.



✅You can send review requests via SMS.

✅Customers should be rewarded for their images and videos.

✅Has a no-cost plan

✅10+ widgets for displaying information



❌Free trial period is limited and brief.

❌For video reviews, you’ll need a business plan.



  • 3 days free trial use permitted
  • 50 orders each month, reviews, and a rating widget are all free.
  • $19 per month (basic) 200 monthly orders, 7-day free trial, and photo reviews
  • $39 per month (premium) 500 monthly orders, 7-day free trial
  • $99 per month (business) 1,500 purchases per month, a 7-day free trial, and video testimonials


3. Product Reviews Review App

Installing product review widgets takes less than a minute, and with our Jump-start feature, you can be creating product review requests for orders as far back as six months in no time.

Migrating product reviews from another product review app is straightforward with 1-click import functionality, or import reviews from other product review sources using our custom product review import template.



✅Review Widgets that are Beautiful, Professional, and Customizable

✅Customer service and support are outstanding.

✅Allows customers to attach photographs to their evaluations.



❌Having trouble with importing reviews

❌The ability to submit inquiries to previous clients is limited.



  • 14 days free trial
  • 100 automated requests each month for $9.99/month or $8.33/month payable once a year for $99.99 On an annual basis, get two months free plus 50% additional requests.
  • $19.99/month or $16.67/month invoiced once a year at $199.99 300 automated requests per month On an annual basis, get two months free plus 50% additional requests.
  • 1,200 automatic requests every month for $29.99/month or $25.00/month billed at $299.99 once a year. On an annual basis, get two months free plus 50% additional requests.
  • Installing FREE 50 automated requests per month + reminders is completely free.


4. Fera Product Reviews App

By showcasing your buyers how fantastic your product is through product reviews, photo reviews, video reviews, and testimonials, the Fera Product Reviews app allows you to earn your customers’ trust and enhance your conversions.



✅Product reviews, store reviews, the average rating badge, and photo/video wall widgets can all be used to display customer feedback on your website.

✅To make reviewing easier, group products together.

✅Gather testimonials, images, and videos on the product.



❌Only a few admin users are allowed.

❌Review requests and widgets are subject to a limit.

❌Until you upgrade to a higher tier, no developer customization is available.



  • Free of charge – 1 widget in use, 10 review requests each month
  • $9 per month (startup) 3 widgets, 100 monthly review requests, and limited customizability
  • $29 per month (small) Limit of ten widgets, 1,000 review requests each month, A/B testing, and three users
  • $99 per month (medium) A/B testing, 5 users, 20 widget limit, 10,000 review requests per month


5. allows you to gather and display star ratings and reviews for your Shopify store and goods. Reviews and other user-generated content, like as photographs and videos, provide social proof that boosts your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement.



✅Any plan can request unlimited reviews.

✅Customers should be given coupons in exchange for their photos and videos.

✅There is a plan that is free.



❌Photo and video reviews require a paid subscription.

❌Free branding



  • Free plan-Unlimited product review requests
  • $15/month- includes photo and video reviews, as well as coupons.


6. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox is a full-featured product review tool that allows small and large businesses to collect client reviews with images and videos and display them attractively. Their simple reviews plugin helps Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants build trust, drive word of mouth and referrals, and enhance customer retention and sales. Your biggest assets for growing brand recognition and improving conversion rates are Loox authenticated reviews, photos, and videos.



✅Emails for review requests are automatically sent.

✅Customers should be given discounts if they leave reviews on their photos.

✅Review galleries, review carousels, popup widgets, and review sidebars can all be used to display customer feedback.



❌Full customization requires the Pro plan.

❌There is no plan that is completely free.



  • 14-day no-risk trial
  • Monthly $9.99 (basic) Each month, 100 review requests are sent out, with just minor personalization options.
  • Monthly $29.99 (advanced) Every month, 500 requests for reviews are sent.
  • Monthly $59.99 (pro) Every month, 1,500 requests for reviews are sent.
  • Monthly $99.99 (unlimited) Every month, 2,000 requests for reviews are sent.


Wrapping up

Gather and display your video reviews with a top Shopify app to take your Shopify store to the next level. This can help you develop customer trust and increase conversion rates!

Download a review platform today to start reaping the rewards of effectively collecting and displaying product video reviews on your store.

Good luck!


Author bio: Safeeda M.S., a Certified Digital Marketer and content marketer at reviewbit, also works on SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. Reviewbit helps eCommerce businesses provide post-purchase consumer engagements through social messaging platforms like WhatsApp. Sending a fully automated review request through platforms that allow merchants to collect reviews from each order is possible.


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