Magento 2 Useful Commands

Here you see list of some use full command for magento2 development and customization. For these commands you need to have SSH access to your server or use the Command Line for local access. These commands are run within the /magento2 folder and reference the /magento2/bin folder. Magento 2 Cache Commands To flush Magento 2 cache: Go to Magento root directory php bin/magento cache:clean php bin/magento cache:flush Magento 2 cache status php bin/magento cache:status Magento 2 cache clean php bin/magento cache:clean Magento 2 disable cache Command will disable all cache types php bin/magento cache:disable Disable specific cache type php bin/magento cache:disable CACHE_TYPE Like: php bin/magento cache:disable config Magento 2 Enable cache All cache types php bin/magento cache:enable Specific cache type php bin/magento cache:enable CACHE_TYPE Like: php bin/magento cache:enable layout Magento…
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