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Shopify increases eCommerce opportunities for their merchants and never stops expanding.

These are the best Shopify apps these applications are classy and the best Shopify alliance to boost sales. Divert customer to your store and cover website optimization and other business needs.

However, the Shopify store is full of tools that are useful for the company that wants its sales to be increased. Whether you look for the solutions like Oberlo, Printful, Omnisend. The Shopify app store has many tools for their business owner who want to groom their sales.

So, you don’t need to waste time searching for the best Shopify app here are the best paid & free apps of the Shopify store. Let’s cut to the Chase hare are the list below of best Shopify apps.


List Of The Best Shopify Apps:

  1. Oberlo
  2. Printful
  3. Omnisend
  4. Sumo
  6. Recart
  7. klaviyo
  8. Product review
  9. Spocket
  10. Referral Candy
  11. iDevAffiliate


1. Oberlo

If you want to find a product quickly, list down the product on your Shopify Store and start selling to your customer?

Oberlo gives you permission to import dropshipping items and ship them, to customers in just few clicks. By automating the process Oberlo allows you to grow your business and free up your time. Considerably wasting your time on shipping products.


Key Features:
  1. Optimize your product before listing, Tittles, Description, Pricing, Images.
  2. Manage your Oberlo and setup numerous user to log in.
  3. Keep an eye open on your earnings, prices, in order to use dashboard.



Free plan: Available, Paid plans: Starting from $29.90 to $79.90 a month.


2. Printful

Printful is one of the preeminent app in the print-on-demand. If you have ever wanted to start  your own clothing business and don’t have enough time to build your product form scratch, well you can easily create clothes for your customers immediately by using print on demand.

Printful offers easy on-demand delivery, as well as a deposit and access to your own deposit. To make your life a little easier, Printful can also integrate with major e-commerce tools, such as Shopify.

You can even add Printful technology to your business if you shop in online markets like Amazon, eBay or Etsy. This is an excellent option for creative people who want to facilitate the sale of clothing products online.



No monthly or startup fees


3. NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors offers email marketing software that helps shopify stores to target their audience easily and quickly. This app is easy to use and allows you personalize and customize email templates using a drag and drop editor. In addition, its A/B testing feature helps you test different variations to find out the best variation to work with. 

In-depth analytics help you track campaigns performance so that you can make improvements and generate better results.


Key Features
  • Drag and drop email editor
  • A/B testing to test different variants
  • In-depth campaign analytics reports
  • Segmentation of audience.



Free plan is available. Paid plan starts from $49/month.


4. Omnisend

Omnichannel marketing automation is best used for automated multichannel workflow

According to a study by Zendesk, 87% of customers believe that brands need to do more to create a perfect experience.

Omnisend’s powerful multichannel suite allows you to create complex automated marketing workflows by combining multiple channels: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook and Google with ad redirection, SMS, push notifications on the web and more.

Combining this with intelligent targeting for ultra-accurate targeting, you can be sure that your message is always relevant, no matter which customer you are connected to.

Creating an email campaign is instant with Omnisend, which uses a simple drag and drop email builder that allows you to customize all aspects of your campaigns without HTML information.



Free trial: Availablr for 15 days Paid Plans : Starting from 10$ with 1000 Subscriber and depends on subscriber list.


5. Sumo

Sumo was first build for creating emails for App Sumo. As time passes customers were asking about the secrets and more, after that Sumo was opened as email capture toll for bloggers and online businesses.

With Shopify app Sumo has become one of the best marketing and conversation tool for Shopify Store.


Key Feature:
  1. Easy-to-drag and drop email format editor helps you create highly customizable formats to collect email addresses from your store visitors.
  2. Join Shopify to generate a special discount code for each visitor who signs up.
  3. Shortcuts to e-commerce that help reduce cart dropouts, increase your email list and increase your average payout.



Free plan: Available Paid plans: Starting from $39 a month (billed annually).



Although they have their own referral program application, Smile.Vu is best known for its loyalty and VIP programs. Smile.U lets you quickly set up and run your own rewards program.

It is important to reward your customers. A winning customer is more loyal, more likely to return, and definitely more likely to buy back – whatever you want.



Free Trial: Available, up to 500 program members

Paid Plans: Starting from $59 – $599 a month


7. Recart

React is the best Messenger marketing app on the Shopify App installed by above 130,000 Shopify Businesses.

  1. Around 1.3 Billions of user are using FB Messenger each month
  2. Customer and Business exchange around 8 billions of messages a day.
  3. Businesses engagement 10-80 times perfect then mails.


Key Feature:
  1. Discount box, Improved chat, order page, that help in building your list of messages.
  2. Automatic campaigns, that include abandoned cart reminders, notification, reviews, and many more.



Based on the Profit that is generated by the app. Paid Plans: Starting from $29 a month and the higher- tier feature from $499 a month.


8. Klaviyo

When it comes to expanding your ability to sell online, few tools are needed more than email marketing. While there are many tools out there that can help with your email strategy, one of the most valuable and commendable is Klaviyo.

Klaviyo offers one of the most advanced email marketing experiences of any online store. What really makes this Shopify app stand out from the crowd is the fact that there are unlimited tools for reporting and analysis. With Klaviyo, you can easily determine which parts of your email campaign provide the best results.

Klaviyo also has the flexibility that companies need to improve and update their email strategies. Klaviyo offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email provider, with dozens of email templates to make your campaign incredible. There are also automatic devices for tracking and directing lost carts.

Klaviyo can help you make personalized product recommendations, test different types of campaigns and share your list well. What’s more, you can mix your email list with your Facebook audience! This is one of Shopify’s most advanced email apps, but remember that it comes with a great learning path.



Installation Free and the Feature are paid $$


9. Spocket

Bad retailers and late shipments can lead to your store closing: 100%. Why take risks?

Spocket has compiled a list of certified suppliers with fast delivery from America and Europe who will deliver these products to their customer. This means excellent and exclusive products from local artisans and companies + fast delivery: a recipe for success.

In addition, you get a wholesale price – with a discount of up to 75% off the market price, which brings you a consistent profit on each product sold. You can also mark your account as yours. Make your customers more satisfied. Give them joy.



Free Trial:Available 7 days, Paid Plans: Starting from $29 a month and andupto 25 products, Empire plan starting at $79


10. Referral Candy

Although the world of marketing has evolved dramatically over the years, bringing new strategies as an influencer and video marketing, word of mouth is still the best way to get conversions. Your customers still trust the opinions of their friends and relatives more than anything they hear from you. This is why it is so important to make sure you are taking advantage of referrals.

With Referral Candy, you can reward your customers for returning new customers to your site with everything from special gifts to cash and coupons. You can also track your referrals, monitor your sales and adjust everything that suits your brand look.

Candy Referral is currently used by more than 30,000 online stores and is one of the most sought after tools on the internet to enjoy the benefits of oral marketing.



Free trial followed by $49 per month


11. iDevAffiliate

As CPC of Facebook and Google Ads are steadily going up why not try an alternative method to earn traffic, leads and sales by starting your own affiliate marketing campaign? It could be way easier than you think. iDevAffiliate created the functionality 100% compatible with Shopify.
Once you have started the affiliate campaign you can cover social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube), harvest extra backlinks that work for SEO and generate extra sales. All of that tracked and available in your analytics tab.


Key Features:

  1. Custom affiliation code for Shopify. Easy installation and set up
  2. Transparent and accurate affiliate campaign management
  3. Analytics that are easily comprehend and read


Self hosted affiliate campaign: $249 one time fee. Cloud version from $39/month.


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