Transactional Emails Variable Magento

This post help to find variable which used in magento email template. - For registration: {{var customer}} {{var customer.ID}} {{var}} {{var customer.firstname}} {{var customer.lastname}} {{var}} {{var customer.password}} {{var customer.created_in}} Store Name {{var customer.dob}} Date of Birth {{var customer.password_hash}} {{var customer.prefix}} {{var customer.middlename}} Initial {{var customer.suffix}} {{var customer.group_id}} {{var customer.taxvat}} {{var}} {{var}} - To subscribe/unsubscribe newsletter: {{var subscriber.getConfirmationLink()}} {{var subscriber.getUnsubscriptionLink()}} {{var}} - Send to a friend: {{var product_image}} {{var name}} Recipient’s Name {{var email}} Recipient’s Email {{var product_name}} Product Name {{var product_url}} Product Url {{var message}} Message Text {{var sender_name}} Sender’s Name {{var sender_email}} Sender’s Email {{var product_image}} Product Image - Depend Condition {{depend order.getIsNotVirtual()}} {{/depend}} {{depend salable}} {{/depend}} - If Condition {{if order.getIsNotVirtual()}} {{else}} {{/if}} (else is optional) - Skin {{skin url=”‘}} - Store {{store…
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