Check youtube video is still valid

Check youtube video is still valid using youtube's API Manytimes youtube user can decide to delete their video.So I would like to periodically run a script to check that the youtube video is still valid or not. Suppose your Youtube url is : So here your Youtube video Id is jc0rnCBCX2c $vid[video Id] posible format/sintax: 1.[ID]&feature=…&… 2.[ID] 3.[ID] 4.[ID] 5. http ://[ID] 6.[ID] 7.[ID] 8. [ID] 9. …. and any valid youtube video url [php]<?php function checkYoutubeId($id) { if (!$data = @file_get_contents("".$id)) return false; if ($data == "Video not found") return false; return true; } ?> [/php] if it does not exist then you will get a page with "Invalid id" if it exists, will return an XML feed having various info…
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