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Integrated development environment (IDE) is a powerful software application, which maximizes the processes of creating, compiling, modifying, testing, utilizing and debugging software. As for particular PHP IDEs, they help devs to write and execute the PHP code. So, let’s explore which PHP IDEs are recommended by our SapientPro development team for usage in 2021?



Although it’s a Java-based IDE, NetBeans supports app refinement in other languages and in PHP in particular. Due to its cross-platform support and a wide range of tools for an entire development curve, NetBeans still holds its leading grounds in 2021.

Overall, the main benefits of NetBeans include:


Saved code history

This is obviously a great feature for software developers. There are unpredictable circumstances because of which you can lose a chunk of code. NetBeans history of saved code can really rescue the devs here and save their time on restoring the lost data. 


Simple usage

Using NetBeans, you can build desktop, mobile and web applications in a fast and easy way. Why? Because the system is able to run smoothly on any operating platform without the need to adjust any of the users’ coding schemes. Plus the powerful combo of code generators, templates and coding tips simplifies the working process greatly.


Bug-free code writing

The “power” of the debugger is that it lets you see the “state” of your program at any point and to advance through your program (“step”) one line at a time in the exact same manner that the code is being executed by the computer. It has the same vibes as a film review or an instant replay during sport games. With the NetBeans debugger you can place breakpoints in your source code, add field watches or step through your code. Moreover, in integration with FindBugs service you are able to detect and eliminate bugs in the code.



PhpStorm is an innovative, commercial development environment full of up-to-date tools and features which can boost the process of setting up large-scale apps and professional platforms. 

Key advantages are:


Sturdy editing

In the core of PHPStorm you can find a set of efficient refactoring functions. They help to improve your initial code and keep it solid and easy to maintain. An entire PHP namespace can be easily restructured within a few clicks and can also be effortlessly undone if needed.


Version Control System Integration

PHPStorm is organized in such a way that all the processes like adding, removing or deleting certain files are performed automatically. Nevertheless, you should still manage all the changes and keep a strict record of them. Here comes VCS with its useful features such as integrated changelists, changes notification, UML and incoming view of changes and more.


Vast Plugin Base

PHPStorm caters for its community members’ needs. With such an intent, it owns more than 250 various IDE plugins in a special storage. Such a library contains plugins for integrations with major PHP frameworks, extra VCS and editor advancement. What is more, PHPStorm plugin storage is easily browsed and managed.

To conclude, the choice is always yours whether to choose the IDEs listed above or not. Nevertheless, we’ve brought a light to your understanding of different IDEs pros and cons and hope that this info would be useful for you. 



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