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Business operations are evolving with the advent of technology and tools. Most industries have already turned digital during the pandemic, while many are on edge on transformation. However, one thing common among all is the use of tools for increased efficacy and productivity. Some industries use machines to transform, while some use computers and AI to grow the virtual world. No matter how you see it, today, we are all surrounded by technologically advanced tools and software to simplify business operations and marketing objectives.

Since most of the digital world is all about visibility, ranking, data, and tough competition of the SERPS, all industries today rely on real-time data. Therefore, technologies have become a crucial part of the growth process of a business. As a result, more than 88% of marketers use up to 10 tools on an average, whether for simplifying the business operations, improved productivity, or increased ROIs.

Furthermore, when reliance on tools and software has become a norm today, what stops you from exponential growth? Here is a list of the top 5 tools and software you must use in 2021 for easy business processes, effective marketing, and increased sales.  


Management Tools By Google

As you step into the digital world, you will come across many tools and software, but the free one offers absolute value, especially from Google. Businesses with minimal budgets find it very challenging to run their digital stores. Understanding the need of millions of start-ups and entrepreneurs, Google offers a variety of tools. Here are some of the most amazing tools you can try, which are not limited to but include:

  • Google My Business: for global business listing
  • Gmail: For communicating with your customers and alliances through email
  • Google Drive: it serves as a complete storage solution for the
  • Google chats: For direct messages
  • Google Meets: For all your personal, B2C and B2B virtual meetings


Google Analytics For Performance Evaluation
When it comes to digital businesses, you can’t evaluate your performance based on sales only. However, there are several things involved like:

  • How many people visited your website
  • how many people saw your posts
  • how many people interacted with your posts
  • number of people who saw your advertisement
  • number of people who received or clicked through your emails
  • the daily, weekly, or monthly traffic your website received
  • through which channels you received most of your traffic


And so much more!

This amazing analytics and statistics tool by Google is one of its kind and offers in-depth information and data to your business platform and helps you improve your strategy campaign after campaign.

The tool works for paid and organic marketing and provides insights about rankings, which helps you increase your SEO performance, and much more. It uses charts and graphical data representation for easy understanding of data. So that even untrained businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers would quickly grasp the data and concepts aligned with their business goals. The best part about it? It’s free!


WIX – Blog & Website Creator

Digital platforms have become a necessity for all brick-and-mortar shop owners, especially after the pandemic. Therefore, more people are looking for ways to start their online business less expensively. In this matter, having a tool to build a website on your own is no exception.

Wix is an excellent tool for people who are not tech-savvy but creative and know how to design. You do not need extensive practice or experience to build or design websites through Wix. The software allows you to develop and design your website your way with all the high-performing websites’ features. Isn’t that amazing?

Furthermore, it doesn’t end here. People with expertise in design and development can also benefit from its newly launched market app, which allows users to mesh up their apps. All in all, the software allows you to build websites & apps with easy management. With this tool, you can offer 24/7 service to your customers, scale your performance with statistical data, and many more attractive perks. 


Mail Chimp – Email Marketing Expert

Emails are one of the oldest ways of communication and still have a prominent space in the digital marketing industry. However, being such an old format of sending out messages, it has only gained popularity over time. In fact, the trend of emails is not going to fade anytime soon. As Forbes says, Emails are not dead; they are only evolving and becoming more potent with each passing year.

Research suggests that people go through most of the received emails. However, they also don’t mind frequent emails from their favorite brands, services, and new forums as long as they offer value, are relevant, engaging, and cater to their needs.

This means emails stand as one of the most successful digital marketing techniques even in 2021. However, as the number of global customers keeps increasing for businesses, it often becomes challenging for them to manage such a massive audience and send out messages and campaigns.

However, MailChimp simplifies the process for a business that looks forward to sending out mass emails. With several templates and easy-to-follow instructions, the tool allows you to create emails of any type and kind. Then you can distribute these emails to thousands of people around the world. However, you only need to maintain a mailing list for an E-blast.

The best part about Mailchimp is that you don’t need designing and marketing experience to run this software. You can create and design emails through the templates and send them out on the go. The tools work for a business of all sizes, and even the industry giants consider it one of their best resources.


Asana – Task Manager

Every business requires a streamlined process to boost its productivity. For example, most industry giants create their task managers and portals on websites. At the same time, smaller businesses require task management software to collaborate with the teams, sales departments, managers, and the entire staff collectively.

The software helps the team stay at daily tasks through the easy process of assignments. With this software, you can easily assign tasks and sub-tasks to your team with effective deadlines, completion tags, and several features to enhance productivity and keep all the tasks in one place. The entire staff of a company can collaborate on each task and contribute to its completion.

It also allows you to view all your tasks on a calendar; the tasks you have, the ones you have completed, and the ones that are due. These can all be seen marked on the calendar according to the day assigned or deadline. The interface of this software is aesthetically appealing for the users and extremely easy to use. All in all, it is one of the most like task management software available on the market.



Living in the current era means introducing yourself to several shortcuts. The current way of business operations is much simplified than what we had seen in the past. However, the industry is only evolving for good. There are several tools and software available for businesses to increase their productivity, sales, and ROIs.

Moreover, as the industries are turning digital, you can also use tools for digital marketing and digital management for effective performance on the web. Whether it is organically done through SEO or paid marketing approach, you can find tools for everything. However, if you are new to this system, you must begin with the tools we mentioned.


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