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WordPress is the bread and butter for its developers. It constitutes almost 39% of all the websites globally, as per the technology survey.

The most considerable portion of this is Content Management System (CMS) which is almost 63.7%. The WordPress themes are the most widely consumed CMS across the globe.

Though, even this widely consumed CMS also have drawbacks. If you are bored or irritated from the common CMS WordPress, you are at the right place.

I will provide you with details regarding the best alternatives of the CMS to use in 2021.

Keeping in view your trouble, I will also provide the pros and cons of every alternative.  


Alternatives to CMS WordPress for 2021

It is a somewhat difficult task to provide the shorten details regarding the alternative of the CMS. Though, prior to proceeding towards the alternatives, there are few questions that you should remember.

You can use these questions as the parameter to select the best alternative.

  • What is your preference? Hosted platform or capability of selecting a web host provider?
  • Are performance and speed obligatory for you?
  • Is eCommerce support is essential for business?
  • The intensity of control you require over the aesthesis of the website?
  • What is the level of your skill to build a website?


1.      Drupal

The Drupal is considered to be the best alternative. This is used by almost 2.5% of the tech-giants.

This alternative is preferred by; SpaceX, Panasonic, Tesla etc. along with them, the officials of the USA and France.

The popularity of the alternative is due to the provision of a wide range of designs and plugins. You can also install a personal cabinet. Your employees can access the dashboard of admin. It also supports multiple languages.

Excited? Well, it is a difficult one to masterwork and has resource consumption issues.  


2.      Joomla

After Drupal, it is ranked as the second most famous alternative. It is a powerful yet complex engine. Currently, it is downloaded almost 100 million times and has 2.5 million active sites.

Even social media platforms are also based on this. Nonetheless than the Drupal, it is used by; Harvard University, Holiday Inn, and the United Nations.

Interested? Wait, it also facilitates the simpler installation and integration process. You will also receive regular updates and convenient control panel.

Though, if you are facing difficulties in facing WordPress, then it is not for you. It has complicated security configurations and customization opportunities. To add on the challenges, there are incompatibility issues with the third-party add-ons.


3.      Shopify

This alternative is ranked as the most used platform for developing eCommerce platforms. The famous sites are prepared by using this platform.

BBC, Heinz, Bulletproof, and Hasbro are the brands that have utilized it.

You will also be inspired by the designs themes which are of higher quality. You can also add unlimited product items.

For increasing business sale it provides the sales-boosting tools and scam protection facilities. Hang on; it’s not enough; you can also utilize it for expanding gaps.   


4.      BigCommerce

This alternative is the competitor of the Shopify. It is also a primarily dedicated eCommerce platform. The famous platforms of; Pandora, Tumbler, and SkullCandy have utilized this.

You will be facilitated with the multi-currency support by using this platform. Along with this, the real-time shipment edits also. However, you must have the fortune to use this platform, as it costs a lot.

The poor editing and blogging services support the higher price. Don’t want to try? It also has limited themes available.


5.      HubSpot

As per the UK’s dissertation editing services, it is the top-rated CMS WordPress alternative for the mid-marketing companies. This platform is based on cloud computing technology.

So you don’t have to worry about any technical problems. The platform will take care of all the technical issues encountered. This will include; system updates, bug fixes, and upgrades. On the contrary to WordPress, you don’t have to hassle for the plugins.

This alternative exempts this hassle. The platform will provide you with mobile-optimized themes. Moreover, the drag and drop editor along with the domain manager. You can also use adaptive testing and SEO tools.

This SEO facility is the distinctive core feature of the platform.

Its platform also makes it unique among alternatives. Don’t rush; it also hasa limited number of themes and plugins. Still, you can use it? But it is a costly platform. Another drawback that limits its usage is the difficulty in migrating.     


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