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Have you come across the idea to start an eCommerce website while looking at the increasing demand & supply for online products?

Well, you are not the only one who is thinking about the same. Three out of five retailers think of transforming their traditional retail business to an online selling platform.

Out of the rush, you can make a real difference with your new eCommerce website. And, that is by opting for Drupal development for your online shopping portal.

You must be left wondering what in the world is Drupal and CMS. If you are new to the online world of commerce, then these two terms are important for you to hear in buying and selling model.

Let us bring light on Drupal and CMS


What is CMS and Why Do You Need It?

Content Management System (CMS) is software for building an interactive and feature-rich eCommerce website. It allows you to create specific functionality to add, edit, publish or remove products, manage the product catalog, install payment gateway, add relevant product descriptions & content, and include SEO-friendly links. To sum up, CMS is useful software for an eCommerce business to manage it in a straightforward and updated manner. And, you need it to seamlessly run your business operations in less time.

When it comes to Drupal, then it is one of the most popular CMS available today. You might have heard of other options like Magento, Joomla, WordPress, Woo commerce, and more. Out of all, Drupal 8 is considered to be the superior choice of retailers running their business on large, medium, and small-scale. With many variants of Drupal CMS already made an impact in the marketplace, you can build your fortune with the latest version of Drupal 8 to create a profit-driven eCommerce platform.


Know More About Drupal 8

Drupal is a highly popular content management system available today. It is an open-source CMS means it is free of cost to install and create a successful eCommerce platform. It is a two decades old CMS that helps to manage eCommerce content effectively and efficiently. In all those years, many different variants of Drupal came and made a sensation in the marketplace. Thus, to offer advanced functional experience and a great deal of flexibility Drupal 8 version is available for you.

Check out the popular Drupal websites that you might have heard:

* Timex

* eBay

* Urbany’s

* Lush

* Olsson & Gerthel

* Pam Kerr Designs

* Fooda

* Eurocentres

And, many more.

Other popular non-commerce sites on Drupal CMS are as follows:

* Entertainment Weekly

* Twitter

* Tesla


* Mint

* The Australian Government

* The Emmy Awards


Now, you might be convinced with the wide expertise of Drupal CMS all across the world. It is one of the most acquired CMS’s trusted by renowned brands to bring seamless and user-friendly accessibility to millions of users around.


Why Drupal 8 for eCommerce Business?

The eCommerce business is rapidly growing and improving with the changing customer demand. The functionality of the eCommerce website that you are using at present might not work for long. It is not the case with Drupal CMS. Once you build an appealing eCommerce platform on Drupal 8, then you can easily update to the next version with the changing time.

Here, we present you the top-notch benefits of Drupal 8 for your online retail business.


1. Optimum Security

In an eCommerce business, security has of utmost concern to protect business and customers’ data. Drupal 8 is serious about maintaining high security and protective standards. The dual-fold security approach of this CMS allows the system to become fully secured and further backed by wide community agents available 24×7.


2. Open-Source

A majority of CMS platforms are open-source i.e. accessible free of cost. But many of them charge a specific license fee for adding relevant modules and extensions. Drupal 8 sites above all by offering even models and extensions for free. It is completely open-source that offers over 1,500 free themes and 1,000 free plugins for building simple to the complex eCommerce website.


3. Speed

The latest version Drupal 8 offers high-speed accessibility to build scalable, flexible, and agile eCommerce platforms. As compared to the previous versions, Drupal 8 loads the pages of the website pages 2x faster on desktop, laptop, and mobile. Also, it has a superior front-end performance for developers to create highly-responsive pages with having a speedy loading time.


4. Seo-friendly

Drupal 8 is best for increasing the web traffic of your eCommerce website. The latest version is advanced in improving the search engine results of the platform. It uses the catching technology to provide quick access to the updated content.  Also, Drupal 8 preserves the content that has not changed and makes it available to all visitors.


5. Scalable & Customization

There are over 9,000 modules available with Drupal 8 and a majority of them can be customized and scaled to your business requirements. This CMS also features multilingual support to transform the interface of the website into a user-choice of language to make the shopping experience flexible and flawless.


6. Wide Community Support

Drupal 8 community is steadily growing at a fast pace. Started with the support of 3000, it has now active assistance of more than 650,000 members. Thus, you can embrace all the support you need while creating and maintaining a profitable eCommerce business running well on Drupal CMS.


Some of the Best Features of Drupal 8 for eCommerce

There are features of Drupal 8 that are worth knowing:

* New theme engine

* Mobile-first from Get to Go

* Robust HTML5 power

* Multilingual ready

* Hassle-free Authoring

* Quick edits

* Built-in web services

* Automated JavaScript testing

* Meeting industry standards

And, the list goes on like that.


Key Takeaway

Be a part of millions worth of the eCommerce industry by starting an online selling platform with Drupal 8 support. Look at the brands already using the latest version of CMS creating headlines with massive traffic and increased set of sales. Create a successful eCommerce store with the reliable support of Drupal development services offered by equally known company Drupal India.

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