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Searching for an ideal, easy to use, efficient and exclusive e-commerce platform? Your search is sure to end at Magento eCommerce platform known best all over the world for the huge variety of services it delivers. Magento developers aim at providing simplified solutions to the business to get your online business reaction improved. They are sure to revolutionize online shopping cart for your business using the Magento platform. Using this platform has the potential to change the way you handle your online business giving you a better hold of it, keeping you informed and helping in its expansion too. The unique features which are a part of this revolutionary platform are:

Easy to use Admin System: The admin system is developed in a way that it can be used by almost any one. No technical knowledge or expert knowledge of computers is required. A single admin panel is capable of handling a number of online businesses enabling the owner to keep a track of his all of his branches no matter where they are. The best part of this platform is it provides you with the flexibility to use the same admin and back end to manage several shops with diversified currencies.

Multi-Store Retailing: In present day scenario most of the eCommerce sites relating to multi-store retailing are designed on Magento platform. Thanks to the seamless online retail experience provided by this platform. Creation of multiple eCommerce back ends is not needed as in the past to manage multiple online shops. All these shops can have same products and common categories and can also share all the order details at a glance. Magento eases addition of multiple stores effectively. And what more, you can easily integrate Word Press with your existing multi store retailing platform too.

Functionality: Magento platform is known for its considerable functionality and flexibility with respect to its modules which are developed keeping in mind the requirement of the business. It has an added functionality of discoverability of a product through SOLR traffic. This saves a lot of money which is often spent for driving traffic to your site. It is the most economic solution for businesses of almost all scales. Or in other words there is a solution for all forms of businesses and these solutions are aimed at meeting the specific needs of the customers.

Different Business Promotion Options: As specified above Magento platform consists of a number of diversified and different promotion options. It is well equipped with a number of versions and modules to suit one’s needs. These options are developed as per customer requirements.

Order Tracking and Management: The most important aspect of this platform is its unique ability of tracking multiple orders of multiple shops at a time and managing them efficiently. With this platform you can be sure of getting all the details of all the transactions, be it purchase orders, sale orders, product availability or most in demand product etc, each and every detail is made available at a click of a button. This enables you to manage multiple online shopping carts with ease.

User Account Management System: It is very important for any organization to manage user accounts through which a user is identified and authenticated to the system. It consists of usernames, passwords and other transaction related data which is user specific. Users with accounts are provided with additional privileges.

Due to all of the above features Magento platform is considered to be the best. Magento developers are equipped with the best available resources in the market be it man power of be it other utilities. You are sure to be satisfied once you hire them for your business.

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