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Over the last few years, we have seen many ecommerce platforms emerging up with powerful and new features. You are most likely to get intrigued while looking for the best ecommerce solution for your business. It is quite common practice of businesses to go for platforms, which just has all the required tools to run an online store. However, it is never wise to settle down for mediocre platforms without looking at its features, further customizability and scalability. So far, Magento has been able to acquire a great market share by becoming the most popular ecommerce solution for obvious reasons. Magento’s community edition is free, highly scalable, extensively customizable and most importantly it is packed with many powerful features that ensure an excellent ecommerce website for your business. Here, we have picked some of the other alternatives of Magento and reviewed them for you.


Magneto experts will agree to the fact that Magento requires deep knowledge of technical stuffs like setting up host servers, performance tuning, installation, optimization, etc. Shopify saves costs as well as efforts by letting the users go off the technical details. It is often preferred by small-scale businesses with limited budget. But it does not match the level of flexibility and customizability that Magento offers. If you are on a tight budget, you can still go for Magento’s Community edition and can opt to have a Magento Solution Partner to help you on the technical front.


WooCommerce comes as a free plugin for WordPress hosted websites. Businesses that have their ecommerce website hosted on WordPress, often go for this free plugin that has all the basic functionalities like product management, payment processing and coupons. However, this may not serve as an apt solution for relatively larger online retailers. To ensure better scalability in future, Magento can be the best option for you. The feature-rich Magento EE is all set up to build an impressive and robust online store for your business.


Wix is another good ecommerce solution that business owners often go for due to free hosting, which is inclusive with the basic package. Wix also provides professionally designed website themes and the built-in features are quite simple and easy. But as per the Magento experts, people settle for less and compromise on the quality of their solution by not opting for Magento. While with Magento CE, businesses have to bear the cost of hosting. Magento compensates really well in other departments by providing highly customized designs that suit perfectly to the business requirements.


BigCommerce has been a popular choice for smaller ecommerce businesses and entrepreneurs. It is quite easy to use, SEO-friendly and very affordable. Unlike Magento CE, it does not come for free and does not necessitate scripting knowledge to build a website on this platform. It also provides scalability to certain extent that makes it stand as a potential competitor to Magento. But according to the Magento experts, it has a relatively mediocre layout and does not include modern payment gateways like Magneto does. Magento 2 has included all the high-end feature that were available only with Magento 1 EE now and has further strengthened its market hold.


Volusion is an old player in the ecommerce platform arena and has already grabbed a lion’s share in the entire ecommerce community. It is famous for the degree of customization it offers. The pre-built designs that Volusion offers are quite up-to-date, responsive and optimized. The recent mobile-friendly designs introduced by Volusion have created much buzz and it is now one of the most powerful alternatives of Magento. While we did not find much loopholes of this ecommerce solution giant, it definitely falls behind Magento in areas like detail orientation, wide range of customization options and robustness of the end product.

Magento is a very reliable and powerful solution that is ideal for mostly the large-scale businesses. For comparatively smaller budgets, Magento offers community edition that does not fall behind its competitive platforms in terms of features and performance. With the recent upgrade of Magento to Magento 2, Magento experts have prognosticated a bright future for Magento. Although its packages come with relatively costlier price tags, all the costs incurred are worth as it offers you unmatchable level of functionality and performance for your online store. Magento has been the best ecommerce solution until now and there is hardly any doubt on the fact that it will remain as the best in the industry in the coming days as well.


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The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of XHTML Junkies, a global IT consulting firm with expertise in magento development and delivering IT solutions on Web, Mobile and Cloud. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT. Hire magento developer to build your online stores.


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