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With cyber crime at high rise in almost aspects of life targeting both small and large enterprises including massive companies, it’s highly advisable to ensure that your business website is free of any vulnerabilities which hackers can exploit and consequently attack it, exposing crucial data to them, theft or even loss of some crucial data as far as your organization is concerned. Security measures put in place should be reliable, effective as well as efficient in ensuring your website remains protected from all types of ill motives from external forces. Despite the fact people are installing security software to safeguard their websites, it’s sad to say hackers are still finding a way round the security bridges and causing havoc, loss and uncertainty in many organizations. Here are some of the security measures and software which will help keep your website protected at all times.



Having in place firewall scanners put in place will go a long way in ensuring your website remain secure and free from external attackers as it controls and monitors any access to the site from outside and passes a regulatory measure to ensure whoever is trying to access it is a legitimate and eligible user. Many sites without firewall activated are prone to hackers attack as it’s easy to access and manipulate the sites IP and other server settings including spoofing and posing as genuine users yet they represent the greatest threat to your website and organization at large.

Malware scanner

This software is entirely responsible for ensuring no unwanted or suspected software accesses your website or computer. It can determine if certain software is genuine or not thus preventing malware software developed by hackers to access your site. Hackers nowadays can develop software meant to access your site and probably weaken or damage it completely and therefore with malware scanner no such software can be allowed to lock into your website making it safe.


Hackers have ventured into another tricky move which is aimed to breach most security measures put in place by many organizations’ websites by developing plugins which once installed into your computer opens an avenue for them to access all the critical data, steal it, manipulate or even spoof. According to intuit Inc., its highly recommended not to install plugins from third party developers as determining validity of their source may not be easy and once installed hackers have free access to your website.

Bullet proof security

Many computer and technology giants are recommending many organizations to adopt bullet proof security measures which includes regular updates of certain plugins, drivers and other web browser accessories such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress to ensure their remain up to date and can withstand any intrusion from outside. Failure to put such measures in right place will only increase vulnerability of attacking your site. For example you can contact Norton customer support number anytime to get acquainted with all essential security details for your website.

Secure web host

Always acquire all the hosting services for your website from hosting companies who have addressed the issue of hacking adequately and assure their clients of their sites’ security. You need to find out if they implement measures which haven’t been used before by other sites which have been hacked to ascertain of their confidence in their systems.

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