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Software Testing is a cycle by which you can scrutinize a product item to check whether it has bugs or mistakes and guarantee that it coordinates every one of its prerequisites. It is an essential angle for each programmer to investigate to ensure dependability, security, and superior for quite a while. 

To productively drain out the advantages of this ability, programmers should acquire a lot of information to execute it. Even though the online learning method is an extraordinary method to gain knowledge and power, some printed copies will most likely assist in giving orderly directions. 

In this article, we have recorded the main ten programming testing books you can attempt to upgrade your testing ability. Peruse further to find out additional!


1. Perfect Software and Other Illusions 

The author wrote the book by Gerald Weinberg, who also wrote an excellent book named The Psychology of Computer Programming and other non-fiction works. 

About the book: In this volume, Weinberg has aptly differentiated between what is expected, significant, and possible in the field of software testing. Some of the topics in this book include information immunity, testing without machinery, and what makes a test perfect. 

The book is available on Amazon and has a Kindle edition too! 


2. Software Testing 

About the author: This book was published in the year 2008 by Ron Patton. He lives and works in Washington as a software consultant.  

About the book: The complexity and size of the prevalent and updated software make it difficult to track bugs, even if one has considerable experience in the field. This book will provide you with a systematic approach to prevent, find, and report bugs. The book covers topics like finding problems in any computer program and determining when the software will be ready for release.   

The book is perfect for beginners, so get your copy from Amazon! 


3. The Art of Software Testing, 3rd edition 

The authors: Written by Glenford J. Myers, Corey Sandler, and Tom Badget, the first edition of this book was published early in 1979.  

About the book: If your next software development project is mission-critical, this book will make for a fruitful investment! The manual has a wide range of topics like testing of internet applications and agile testing environments. If you are a student on the lookout for a software testing career, this is the best choice for you! 


4. How to Break Software: A Practical Guide to Testing 

About the author: Written by James Whittaker, principal architect with Microsoft’s visual team and founder of security innovation, this book has all the knowledge you can get from a software tester with a load of experience. 

About the book: Rather than a monotonous book with rigid information chunks, this book allows testers to implement an off-script and intelligent approach in testing. It teaches repetitive automation tasks and gives a practical example of bugs we find in everyday software.  


5. Learn testing in one day 

About the Author: Written by Krishna Rungta, a CEO who has over 15 years of professional software development experience. He wrote this book to bring the information about testing principles and plans to the novices who are newly stepping into software testing. 

About the book: The book lucidly touches on topics like the defect reporting process and case studies on test banking and telecom domains. If you want to adopt a quick approach to learning testing, this book will be worth your while. 


6. The Just Enough Software Test Automation 

About the author: Daniel J. Mosley is the founder of Client-Server software testing technologies and has generous experience in dealing with information systems, 

The book provides a beautiful, hands-on insight on software test automation from the prospect of test developers and software users. It focuses on integration testing, regression testing, and detailed usage of automated tools in manual testing. 

This publication is readily available on Google Books and Amazon! 


7. Testing Computer Software 

About the author: Cem Kaner is a professor delivering knowledge about Software Engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology. 

About the book: The book explains the testing side of producing successful consumer software in tight time schedules and constraints. If you want to learn the laws that apply to software quality and methods to test compatibility with other devices, this is the book for you! 


8. A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design 

About the author: Lee Copeland is an American architect and urban designer who has practical knowledge about design in software testing. 

The book: A practitioner’s guide to software test design is a bible for all the test engineers and developers who want to find the best test case design, software defects, and time required to complete successful testing. A few of the best topics you will encounter in this book are cost-effective testing, pair-wise testing, and state transition testing. 


9. Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams 

About the authors: While Lisa Crispin is a testing advocate who spent years developing communities learning about software testing, Janet is an Agile coach and trainer. 

About the book: If you focus on Agile projects, this book will inform you about agile quadrants to determine who can perform testing and what tools are required for the same. Overcome the barriers in test automation and agile testing by giving this book a read! 


10. Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook Second Edition 

The author: Unmesh Gundecha is a senior architect who has 16-year-old experience in test automation and software development methodologies. 

About the book: Just how a cookbook is filled with detailed cooking recipes, this book is packed with detailed-erudition about selenium testing. It has everything you need to know about software quality testing for a software developer with former Selenium and Java experience. 



The art of software testing is a big field that comes with its share of pros and cons. But with the right books, you can learn the skill just like in games in escape rooms, in the most brilliant way, and overcome the boundaries of test automation and become an efficient tester! 

This article has listed the books that can provide you the A to Z of this topic from various authors who have experience in the field! Implement their techniques and advice for a smooth career in this field! 


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