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Whether you are in the field of construction, engineering or architecture or an aspiring animator with big media ambitions, Autodesk is likely to be an essential component of your job. Many have decried the fall of Autodesk, but be assured it is still important and will be for the aforementioned sectors for the foreseeable future. It is explained below why this is the case and what exactly Autodesk still brings to the design and engineering table.


Why Autodesk

Autodesk is still the first-choice software for innovators everywhere, with AutoCAD, Civil 3d, Inventor, Arnold, 3dsmax and Revit, this software has been and is still used for the intricate design and layout planning required in architecture, building design, engineering and planning. And more recently, animation and intricate product design and planning.

AutoCAD, which is the name Autodesk was initially known as, is a 30-year-old program, but perhaps that’s why it’s still relevant today. The company has been able to specialize in its research and development and with a number of purchases it has made over the years, Autodesk is here to stay.

The basic features that you will get with your Autodesk will include the standard 2D and 3D CAD tools, limited electronics, basic manufacturing and local rendering. There are three main overall software themes that Autodesk produces that in turn cover the entirety of design, architecture and engineering.


  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction bundle for building, design and construction, used by engineers to enhance productivity and streamline design.
  • Product Design & Manufacturing, this range of software is specifically used for product design, manufacturing and factory design. This also includes the cloud-based Fusion 360.
  • Media and entertainment range, used for modelling and animation, rendering and visual additions. This has become increasingly popular and as anime booms globally, so too does the number of people finding that Autodesk software is still cutting edge.


Affordability of the software

Regardless of all this software, many have argued that it is an unduly expensive package. The reality is that it includes numerous sector specific software that is difficult to maintain and for whom the market is quite small. Anything that is so sector specific must be able to generate income for research and development and Autodesk has indeed done this. They have been able to stay cutting edge in the three sectors mentioned above, by innovating and integrating this innovation across the range of software. 3D rendering can be used across these three themes and this means that the Autodesk collection is well worth it.

To secure an even more affordable Autodesk, look around to use coupons like those at https://givingassistant.org/coupon-codes/autodesk.com where you will be able to access the software at a reduced rate.

If it’s for work, make sure that your employer is paying for the licenses and updates, but you can still use the codes as mentioned above to reduce your expenses.

The Autodesk group of programs is still widely used in the engineering and design fields and is quite quickly making inroads into entertainment and media. It has stood the test of time.

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