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According to the latest data from Statista, there are 3.24 billion gamers in the world. That figure is from 2021 and it is assumed that the number will have risen significantly by the end of 2022. With that many gamers in the world, the very first element of your gaming website is to think seriously about where you want to draw your gamers from.

Do you want a truly global community or are you looking for a gaming website catering to English-speaking nations? With that said, it would be a huge mistake to limit your site like that simply because you would also be limiting your ability to monetize your site. Here is as good as any place to start looking at those key elements you will need.


First Order of Business: Domain and Hosting

The first thing you will need to do is secure a domain name for your gaming website. That will probably take some doing. Since there are so many gamers in the world, you can bet that other gaming websites probably got your first couple dozen choices before you! Next, you need a hosting service that can support a gaming platform.

It is suggested that you start out with a virtual server because it will be like having your very own server but will actually be a space set apart on your host’s server. You will want to know that the hosting server you choose can handle multiple gaming platforms and, within those, multiplayer gaming websites.


A Way to Monetize Your Site

Here is something you may know but it may not have sunk in just yet. One of the reasons why so many gamers choose to play online through a PC is that they can play multiplayer games for free, other than the original cost of the game. When it comes to Sony and Microsoft consoles, they require an annual subscription and that is how they make some of their revenue. As for a gaming website, you may want to have a blog or an affiliate program going where you can get paid a commission for products you’ve linked to and then sold.

There are various gaming accessories and peripherals such as Lenovo Gaming Routers which you can link to as an affiliate marketer. The point is that players aren’t likely to pay a subscription because they are there to play for free! From sidebar ads to affiliate marketing, you can earn the money it takes to keep your website up and running.As an aside here, a gaming router is something that is highly desired by avid gamers. These will enable gamers to set URL priorities so that their gaming sites take precedence over any other site being accessed through the router. Link to products like that to earn those much-needed commissions.


A Gaming CMS

While there are several content management systems out there, not all are going to be ideal for a gaming website. You will want one that supports multi-media, has a ‘chat’ feature and is customizable so that you can upgrade as you grow.

Yes, these are the very basics of what you will need, but it gives you enough information so that you know how to do a bit more research. Just remember that gaming is a global community so try to get a CMS with multilingual support. The further your reach into those 3.24 billion gamers, the greater your chances will be for a successful gaming website.


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