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Behind every attractive, easy-to-use, fast website is a creative, supportive, and friendly team. If you want to wow every client or transform your brand’s site, you must take the time to improve communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

If your team feels disjointed or you’re struggling with inefficiencies, missed deadlines, or unhappy clients, you might need to provide better tools and try various bonding tactics.

Check out this mini guide to building a productive web development team.


Choose the Correct Roles

An efficient web development team will feature an extensive array of talents and skills. Ensure your team’s success by hiring the following roles:

  • A project managermaintains tight control over a web project to hit a deadline
  • A project strategist/architect creates an effective web strategy, such as building buyer personas and creating wireframes
  • A web designerimproves the site’s aesthetics and function
  • A front-end developerensures the site looks and works great across various devices and browsers
  • A back-end developerbuilds the framework for the site’s interface
  • A site tester – looks for weaknesses to improve a site’s strength and prevent vulnerabilities


Of course, there are other positions you may need to introduce to improve your site’s function, appearance, and performance. For example, you may need to hire a content writer, SEO specialist, or graphic designer.

Hiring specific web development roles will ensure each staff member is aware of their responsibilities and every box is ticked on a project. Therefore, your employees will know who to turn to when struggling with an issue, which can prevent frustration or confusion.


Improve Communication Between Employees

Good communication is key in a web development team. If your team can’t clearly articulate their needs to each other or spend their working day waiting for a response, projects can be delayed or grind to a halt.

Improve communication and collaboration by investing in a secure messaging solution. While Slack has made waves in the messaging industry, it is expensive and will retain access to customers’ data, which will make it harder for companies to adhere to data protection laws.

Look for a popular alternative to Slack to save your company money without compromising communication, collaboration, and data security. For example, Mattermost offers a customizable workplace messaging platform, which will make it easier than ever for your web team to receive answers to their questions in an instant. Plus, your company can host it behind a firewall at your data center or via a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment.


Encourage Fun and Relaxation

Keep morale high by encouraging your employees to enjoy some fun and relaxation during the working day. For example, you could create a cool break room to help them connect with each other, take a break from an intense web project, and enjoy a change of scenery. It can help your employees develop friendly relationships at work, and they will feel refreshed and ready to tackle a task when they return to their desks.


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