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When you settle on the appropriate hosting services expanding your web presence is super-easy. Suddenly when your business flourishes, you may run out of resources. Then you start to look for alternatives that will scale with your company.

Dedicated hosting is one of the hosting platforms that gives you the resources, power, and security that your websites/applications require. The best advantage of dedicated hosting is, that it expands with your business.

It’s an apt choice for hosting your heavy-resource website or application. Dedicated hosting means when an entire server is committed to a single website. With dedicated hosting, you receive complete server control, allowing you to install any programs you want and customize the server to meet your specific requirements.

MilesWeb is a hosting company that provides high-powered dedicated hosting at the lowest prices with their Managed dedicated server and Unmanaged dedicated server. Their dedicated hosting plans start at just Rs.6,999/m. I will discuss their dedicated hosting plans, price, and the feature-rich services MilesWeb offers in this article.


MilesWeb: A Few Words

MilesWeb is among the best web hosting providers and also the best Magento 2 Hosting Provider in the industry. They provide best-in-class web hosting services at rock-bottom prices.

MilesWeb caters to the requirements and budget of every client. Right from shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting to dedicated server hosting, MilesWeb has the right plans for you. They have been in the hosting sector for nine years providing world-class services to customers globally.


MilesWeb Dedicated Server Plans 

MilesWeb offers the best-dedicated hosting plans for your high-performing website/application. 

They have 16 dedicated server hosting plans. You can choose one that best fits the requirements of your website/app. Each plan includes the newest generation of Intel CPU processors, memory, storage, bandwidth and one dedicated IP. 

Their base plan is E5-2609 2.4GHz which has four cores. It also includes 8GB RAM, 1TB SAS, 1TB bandwidth, and one dedicated IP. It costs Rs.6,999/m. 

Their most expensive plan costs Rs.46,999/m. And it offers 256GB of RAM, 4×1.2TB of SAS, 5TB of bandwidth and one dedicated IP. Or, if you have any custom requirements, you can talk with their sales team on chat. They will help to select the best plan for you.


What do You get with MilesWeb Dedicated Server Plans? 

Here are the features you get with MilesWeb dedicated server plans. 


Choice of Operating System 

You can opt for MilesWeb dedicated server for installing a range of operating systems. Pick your choice of Operating System and inform their team so that the setup gets ready in just a few minutes. 


Host Unlimited Websites 

MilesWeb does not give you any constraint on the number of websites you need to host. There is zero limitation on resource usage when you opt for a dedicated server. 


SSH Root Access 

With each of the dedicated server plans, MilesWeb offers root access. With this, you have complete control to install the web applications you wish to host on the server.


High-Performance Guaranteed 

You get the best performance for your app with dedicated server hosting. None of your server resources get shared with dedicated hosting. Also, no other website traffic will affect yours. 


No Setup and Contract Fees 

There are zero penalty charges even if you cancel the server. No penalty and cancellation charges are taken from you. 


Free SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate offers a safe and secure connection to your website and protects all the information for more security. MilesWeb incorporates an SSL certificate with its dedicated hosting plans.


99.99% Uptime Guarantee

MilesWeb’s servers are at the top-tier data center backed by highly robust and redundant infrastructure. They ensure you get the maximum availability for your website/app with the highest uptime guarantee.


Highest Level of Security 

The main benefit of a dedicated server is security. With this, you get the highest level of security for your website/app in a physically isolated environment. There is no other user on the server. 


100% Dedicated Resources 

You get 100% dedicated hardware resources for your website/app with a dedicated server. You don’t have to share the resources with other users. 


Full Customization 

MilesWeb lets you run custom applications on the server. You don’t have to worry about the running of heavy web applications. They run very smoothly without a glitch. 


Control Over the Complete Server

With MilesWeb dedicated hosting, you can modify the server configurations and install whichever web applications you wish. You can host numerous websites on a single dedicated server. Also, you have full root SSH and RDP access, providing them complete control over the dedicated server. You can connect to the server at any time and from any location.


Final Words

A dedicated server is what you need to host a mission-critical website/application. With a high amount of processing power, storage, and memory, MilesWeb gives your online business the best-dedicated server. Also, you get a free trial on MilesWeb dedicated server.

Register today for MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting plan and let your business flourish on the online platform.


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