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Sooner or later, the holiday season will poke out around the corner. And when that happens, every business owner will look forward to decorating their brand’s websites creatively. Just like the good ‘ol times, preparations start as soon as possible. The reason behind planning before the time comes actually has its own perks. In web development, planning before the holidays can prepare your business to avoid getting hit by unforeseen blocks. 

Being a business owner, it’s suggested to infer lessons from retail giants. Though your website may need some work on it, we promise it will be a fun journey. That’s all because of inspirational holiday stuff, decked-out social media pages, newsletters full of creativity, and a lot more to give your business a boost for the holiday season. Once you have incorporated these development strategies into your business, you’ll observe how these holidays accumulating revenue would put a smile on your face. So, cutting it short, let’s get on with five holiday-themed web development ideas.


Decorating social media channels.

Just as we put up lights as part of décor during Christmas, the same is the case with social channels. Your potential audience should know that your business is in full swing when it comes to celebrating the holiday season.

To begin with, you can upload a new cover photo featuring a simple festive design. A text template that wishes “Happy Holidays” over a patterned background can be quite useful. Using the tools of sizing, drag and drop text, and stickers, you can personalize according to your creativity. People also find it interesting if promotions of upcoming events, contests, holiday-themed blogs and sales are put up on the website.


Fabricate a themed variation of your logo

Nothing can stop a logo from holding the top position of your business. For instance, in Google’s logo, the ‘L’ signifies the business’s personality. As the owner of your business, it’s essential to reflect the holiday season through your logo. Simply put, your version can be replacing letters like ‘i’ or an ‘o’ with descending candles or lights. In case the letters don’t bode well, tinsel or border laced with glitter can also accomplish the theme.


Coming up with festive hashtags.

A creative yet effective way of making your brand’s name word of mouth is by coming up with a distinctive hashtag. With a play of letters and a ‘#’ symbol, you can boost any post of yours to be widely searched. There are countless hashtags that can definitely help in making the post engaging, particularly over social media platforms. With that being said, a hashtag that incites a special holiday feeling has the potential to make a website campaign go viral.

But before we indulge in generating hashtags, we must first understand what UGC or User-Generated content is, and most importantly, what’s the point of discussing it over here. Basically, user-generated content calls for day-to-day content created by users for your brand, and that can be used as a promotion essential. With every online post, there is a hashtag that funnels relevant UGC content to one location. This not only creates a brand hype but will expand awareness to the next level.


Hold a competition.

Be it an ugly shirt contest or a competition for winning a scented candle, both are ideal for creating a buzz around your brand. It’s somewhat similar to the hashtag idea. In order to inform people about your company, you can put up small kinds of competitions on your website, where every winner gets a prize from your product lot. It could be a product, gift card, promotion code, or discount, etc. As far as the contest goals are concerned, here are a couple of guidelines you need:


·         Come up with a clear goal: The idea that you have been encapsulating, does it increase your overall followers? Or serves as a promotion for your new product? Whatever your motives are, you need to come up with a proper plan of action, which includes everything from platform choosing to getting the knowledge on contest hosting.


·         Lure your audience with a prize: Let’s unravel the truth! The only reason why the audience would be interested in staying on your website and take part in this contest would be to win something for free. So, whether it is a gift card or an actual product, it will keep the festivity spirits high.


· Don’t forget the rules: To keep the game fair and transparent, it’s important to have rules. Consider having the potential factors that make up your contest and jot them down somewhere.


·         Inform the winner: Once the contest is over, the holiday theme should also include declaring the winner on your webpage. By doing so, people would actually be interested to see who the winner is. Moreover, there are chances that some part of the audience browses your website out of curiosity.


Write a holiday-oriented blog post.

Blog posts are one of the essentials that every reputed Website development company aims to provide. The reason for this is people take an immense interest in reading a blog post that solves their queries or highlights something particular. Taking the gist of a blog post and using it for your holiday theme is indeed a remarkable idea.

Besides the element of appreciation, it serves as a great way to enhance your SEO. If you don’t have any blogs on your website, then you could start by creating one that highlights something holiday-related, a sale, gift, or countdown to a deal, etc. Once you are done with it, ensure that it gets posted on relevant social media channels and through email marketing.



All these splendid ideas would go to waste if not used in a timely manner. For that, you would need a proficient Website development company that could deliver you a website ready to produce conversions and generate revenue. At Out Origin, we promise you competent web development services tailored in accordance with your business needs. Our professionals are here to guarantee you one thing, and that’s positive results!


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