Magento vs. Shopify vs. Woocommerce: What Works Best For Your Online Business?

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When there are so many ecommerce website development platforms available on the internet, it is overwhelming to decide which platform you should choose to develop your ecommerce website. Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce are the major ecommerce website building platforms that are popular and holding millions of businesses over their platform. 

However, one of the major aspects that you should look at while choosing the ecommerce platform is that it should be manageable, easy to maintain, and provide features that help you run a successful online business. These are the most crucial factors that every business owner or manager should consider as they will also decide the success & failure of your business. 

Here in this blog, we will help you to solve this big problem by giving you an overview of these major platforms and telling you which one is the best for your business. You will get to know about the different features and functionalities of these three platforms along with the pricing plans so that you make a well-chosen choice. 

So let’s dig deep to learn more about these platforms and understand which one is the better choice for your eCommerce business.


A Brief Overview Of Magento, Shopify, & WooCommerce

With this overview, you get to know about how these platforms work and what is inside them for your business. Depending on the business, these platforms are defined accordingly, so find the right and accurate solutions for your business. 


Magento Overview

Magneto is a huge eCommerce website building platform that has supported more than 700,000 websites with its powerful features and helped them to run a successful online business. On Magento, you will find various built-in features and functionalities to aid your online business. As Magento is an open-source platform, it provides you with a wide range of plugins, templates, and extensions that you use on your website. If you’re hiring a well-skilled developer with PHP & HTML knowledge, you can even make changes as per your business requirements.  

One of the major advantages of the Magento eCommerce platform is that it is a huge platform that supports large businesses with billions of turnover on its platforms without hampering the performance of the large website. 

With Magento, you can design a highly professional and sturdy website with high-end coding and development skills. 

However, it requires lots of costs to set up, and you need to buy a server separately to host your website. Another drawback is you need to spend a good time developing your eCommerce website. 


Shopify Overview

Shopify brings fire to the eCommerce world by providing the most efficient, simple, and affordable eCommerce website solutions to businesses. Building a website on Shopify is easy and requires less coding knowledge. Shopify provides easy and effective solutions to the businesses to set up their online stores in less than minutes. One of the best parts of using the Shopify platform is that it provides website development solutions on a subscriptions basis; this means you can pay it on a monthly basis for the duration you are using their services. In this way, you will get cost-effective website solutions on the Shopify platform. 

Also, on Shopify, you will get multiple apps, themes, and templates to add to your online store to enhance the appearance and functionality of your online store.  

The drawback of Shopify is that you cannot go beyond much over the development. Also, you need to pay for every application and theme you install on your website separately. 


WooCommerce Overview

WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress that helps a small business owner to start with their online store. With WooCommerce, anyone can build their online store without any complications. More than 5 million small businesses and other startups have launched their online store on WooCommerce. To make your website more effective and high-performing, you can add plugins, themes, and extensions of your choice. It has also come up with built-in functionalities that aid your website development process. 

However, the drawback of using WooCommerce is that it sometimes requires coding knowledge to perform some particular changes. Also, there is not an official support system that might make your website development harder.  


Which Ecommerce Platform Is The Better Choice: Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce?

So we are at the conclusion, and we can say that, depending on the size and objectives of your business, you can make the choice of the platforms. If you have a large business and a good amount of budget, then Magento is the perfect eCommerce platform for your business for the long run. 

However, if your business is small or medium, or you want to start an online store to test and drive, Shopify is undoubtedly a good option. 

And lastly, if you are a retail store or a small business with a restricted budget, then WooCommerce can be a perfect choice. 

Hence, what is the goal of your business with an online store? Your choice of eCommerce platform completely depends on that. 


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