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With the increase in the digital transformation majority of the businesses are shifting their business operation from offline to online. If we consider the scenario of the small businesses now they can set up their online business with ease. With the right eCommerce platform, the online store can be made in a very small time with all essential functionality.

While launching the new eCommerce brand or online store the top questions come to mind that which eCommerce solution suits best. There are various e-commerce solutions available in the market like Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce etc. However, WooCommerce is the strong backbone for many small and large businesses. The innovative WooCommerce developers added more advanced features in this stack to empower the online retailers.

Most of the users can consider WooCommerce is a free tool to create an online store with advanced features and premium plugins provide the best eCommerce functionality that powers the 30% of the global online stores.

WooCommerce was created by two developers Mike Jolley & James Koster and this came into existence in the year 2011. Later in the year 2015, this stack was purchased by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

Here are the reasons why WooCommerce is the best platform for online store setup.

Easy Configuration of WooCommerce In WordPress

Once the plugin gets activated in the platform it can easily manage to create an e-Commerce store. If you are familiar with the WordPress dashboard, then you can drive this like a PRO…


Add the new products in very simple steps

  • Select product → Add product
  • Add title
  • Add a short & brief description of the product
  • Add Price tag
  • Specify the sales conditions or offers if available

Also, there are tonnes of backend features that allows adding of the stock inventory details for the buyers as it creates the buying urgency. Even it allows displaying the Out the stock information of the specific products.


Addition of Upsells & Cross-Sells Functionality

These are great strategies to increase the cartload while making the checkout. It allows to link the products with the others with brief details and persuasive copywriting and showcase the products on the pages. WooCommerce provides full control to the admin of the online store to enhance the buying experience of the customers.


Search Engine Friendly eCommerce Platform

Let’s consider that you had launched the best eCommerce website, but due to lack of search engine friendly functionality, your potential buyers are unable to land on the website, hence it makes a huge loss. SEO plays a crucial role to rank the website on the search engine results page. Which allows more traffic & more revenue. 

When WooCommerce is combined with WordPress it boosts the capability to rank on the search engine result ethically by fulfilling all parameters. The WooCommerce developers make the website SEO friendly in the development phase & later can be taken with next with proper activities.


Powerful, Effective & Easy Analytics

The business can be optimized only when the operation & performance is tracked in the best manner and data can be presented understandably. WooCommerce provides analytics in a very intuitive and clear format which makes decision making very easy. It emphasises which products perform well and which has to optimize to boost sales. WooCommerce has emerged with strong powerful analytics for the online and helps the owners to know how their buyers are interacting with their online store.


100+ Payments Option

An online store can provide their shopping beyond the geographical restrictions to provide any glitches in the services it provides 100+ payment options that can be selected best. In the core WooCommerce plugin, the available payment options are PayPal, debit/credit cards or even COD. If the business needs more flexibility it also adds Stripe, Amazon pay and more options. 

Stripe allows the business to collect the payment directly on the website rather than shifting to the payment pages of the respective platforms. It lets you collect payment from various credit cards in various forms of currencies.


Store Expansion From WooCommerce Plugins & Extensions

There are more than 400 plugins available that can be added to the WooCommerce powered online store. The proficient WooCommerce developers can add the plugins for almost every possible task on the website. The plugins extensions allow the various functionality like

  • Shipment Tracking
  • Bulk Discount
  • Gifts Card Distribution
  • Recurring subscription or payment of goods
  • Managing the tickets sales
  • Pop-up notification creation


Integration of WooCommerce With Other Tools

WooCommerce easily integrates with the other essential marketing tools for customer nurturing and boost repeat sales. It can easily integrate with MailChimp, Conversion, Beeketing&other social login. This rich functionality helps to optimize the average conversion ratio sequentially. MailChimp is able to update the customers about the flash sale or festival discounts creating the cycle of email marketing to recall the brand values. If you use your CRM the WooCommerce developer can easily add the all stats on your respective CRM dashboard.


Is WooCommerce Right For You??

The answer is YES, undoubtedly WooCommerce is the popular eCommerce solution on the global level and has a strong foundation in WordPress. So, if you are a great fan of WordPress technologies of their user-friendly nature, then we are sure WooCommerce will add more value to your belief with great knowledge.

WordPress & WooCommerce both are open source platforms which makes it more accessible to a wide spectrum of developers. Additionally, the dedicated customer support of WooCommerce helps to set up online stores makes it more feasible for small retailers, entrepreneurs to sell their products on a global scale.


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