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The speed of your website needs to be optimized for many reasons. It helps with your website’s SEO rankings and visitors are happier when a website loads quickly. Visitors tend to stay longer and return to websites that perform better in terms of speed. 

How do I optimize the speed of my website, you may ask? Let me tell you about Perfmatters, the best speed optimization plugin for 2024. It was created to help in the removal of unused code (CSS) from your website but it has grown to become so much more. Now it will improve the Core Web Vitals of your website among other things.

Keep reading this Perfmatters review to learn more about how you can optimize your website in a few minutes in 2024.


About Perfmatters

Perfmatters was created by two brothers who wanted to improve WordPress websites around the globe. They have made their objectives clear and are on track to achieving their end goals. Website owners can install this lightweight WordPress plugin to make sure their website is optimized.

Perfmatters gets rid of unused code and other junk to optimize your website’s speed. The tool also focuses on the CSS and JavaScript codes available on your website. Every measure possible is taken to provide a pleasant site-loading experience to visitors.

Its features comprise a variety of premium options including a simple dashboard, frequent updates, and a quick toggle option. Similarly, it offers three pricing plans that serve different types of website owners.

In the next section of this review, I will focus on the pricing plans and features of Perfmatters.


Perfmatters Pricing Plans

The pricing structure of Perfmatters is really simple. It offers three plans with varying licenses. The first plan will cost you $24.95 for a single-site license. The other two plans have licenses that allow more than one website. 

You can use the code GRABHOSTSfor an exclusive 20% discount on all of the Perfmatters pricing plans. Here are the details of these pricing plans.



The first Perfmatters plan includes access to the full features of Perfmatters for an annual price of $24.95. You are provided with 1-year of premium support and regular updates with this plan. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee on this plan.

A single site license is included with the personal plan. But there is no limitation to what you can do with the plugin once you install it on your website.



The Business plan provides you with a 3-site license for unrestricted usage. This means you have access to the full feature set and functionalities of Perfmatters. This plan also comes with up to 1 year of premium customer support and regular updates for the WordPress plugin.

You will have to pay an annual fee of $54.95 to purchase the Business pricing plan. And of course, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.



The last plan is called Unlimited and just like the name, you get a license to use on unlimited websites. They will charge you $124.95 a month for this plan, but it has a discount also included. Similar to the other plans, you get 1 year of regular updates and premium customer support.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is also included with this plan. Additionally, you get multisite support with this plan.

The table below summarizes the prices for Perfmatters plans.

Personal$24.951 Website
Business$54.953 Websites
Unlimited$124.95Unlimited Websites


Key Features of Perfmatters

A plugin is often judged by the features it has to offer. Perfmatters can impress a lot of people this way. Whether you are looking for a simple dashboard or extensive optimization of your website, Perfmatters will do it all. 

Here is a look at the key features offered by Perfmatters.


Speed Optimization

The core feature of Perfmattters is to optimize your website for faster speeds. It does so by removing used CSS and other code that your website does not need. By removing junk and useless load, your website seems to perform well both in time of loading and in general.

This also helps with the ranking of your website across different search engines.


Easy Dashboard

The simple dashboard allows everyone to manage their website and optimize it as required. Almost any CSS-related function can be controlled from the center of it. The quick toggle feature is a brilliant application of the simple nature of Perfmatters.

You can use it to enable or disable a variety of different options for your website with a single click.


Frequent Updates

Staying up to date is important in the world of tech. Perfamatters roll out regular updates for its product. Whether it is related to maintenance or increasing functionality, frequent updates ensure your website is optimized properly.

Every pricing plan you buy from Perfmatters comes with at least 1 year of premium updates that are carried out frequently.



If you want to do some integrations, Perfmatters is happy to allow you. You can use it alongside your other Caching and optimization plugins without any issues. It is designed to improve your website in many ways, whether you need it to work independently or along other plugins.

Perfmatters is compatible with many top plugins such as WP Rocket.



This might not be a functionality feature, but discounts are frequent at Perfmatters. You get a 10% discount on its Unlimited plan automatically. Similarly, it offers a 15% discount upon the renewal of your plan.

The biggest discount, however, is offered by our exclusive coupon code. You can use the code “GRABHOSTS” to save up to 20% on their pricing plans.


Final Thoughts

Perfmatters is a seasoned pro when it comes to optimizing WordPress websites for speed. The plugin has been around for 19 strong years. This is a testament to its effective methodology and vast experience in the domain.

Removing unused code and junk speeds up your website enormously. In this article, I went through the features and pricing plans provided by Perfematters. It turns out that competitors are nowhere near it in terms of features and pricing.

I hope this updated review of Perfmatters will make it easier for you to give this plugin a try in 2024!


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