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WordPress has a plethora of different customizable options like plugins, themes, and so much more. There are a total of 52,000 or more different types of plugins available in WordPress. Thus, it is not very uncommon that things might get overwhelming and confusing. You do not need to install all the plugins for your website since that will instead make your website much slower and aid in a terrible user experience. Hence, to simplify this, we have made a list of the top five must-have plugins which have incredible benefits for your website! Let’s check them out.


Akismet Anti Spam

Spam comments are pretty common on most websites. It can highly hamper the customer reading experience by slowing down your website. Thus, if you are not taking a necessary step to prevent the spam comments from barging into your website, you need to install the Akismet Anti Spam plugin. It has over 35 million downloads and is one of the full proof methods of eliminating such spam from your website. Apart from spam protection, it also enhances the security of your website. 


Google XML sitemaps

Websites are all about ranking and indexing within the Search engines. Many people gain viewers and traffic by Socialwick for a better engagement which results in a better ranking. Similarly, you can also opt to install the Google XML sitemap plugin for better ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages. Indexing a website requires a sitemap. Most people do it manually, but that takes up a lot of time and effort, which you can instead invest in other core activities to improve your website. The Google XML sitemaps can automatically submit your website’s sitemap to the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It also notifies the search engines regarding any possible changes to the sitemap every time. It will automatically notify the Search Engine whenever you publish brand new content on your website, which effectively boosts your website’s ranking.



If you are looking for an all rounder ultimate toolkit for your website that is a complete combination of every possible feature, then the Jetpack is indeed the best choice out of all. It has over four million installs and has several features within a single plugin. It offers several advantages like spam protection, social sharing, security, regular backups, SEO optimizations, and so much more. It also helps optimize your website for a lag-free and quick user experience. It also helps in tracking the metrics of growth of the website in their dashboard. There is much more to it. Install it to know about the other impressive features of the Jetpack plugin.


Final Thoughts

WordPress offers numerous plugins which can suit every requirement. There are many more other plugins you can try. These are some essential and top-rated WordPress plugins that can actively help manage your website in a much better manner. These plugins focus on developing, designing, and ranking your website, which are the crucial aspects of any successful website. Thus, install your favorite WordPress plugin today, customize your website according to your interests and optimize it to the fullest!


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