Why do so many developers use WordPress to build websites?

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If you’re in the market for a new website, one of the first things you (or, more likely, your developer) will need to decide is which Content Management System (CMS) you’ll use to power the backend.

These days, developers the world over are increasingly opting to use WordPress (WP) as their CMS of choice – but just why has WP become such a prevalent force and why is it favored by so many development companies?


WordPress is already the most dominant CMS in use today

Recent research found that WordPress is already the most popular development platform in use today powering almost 40% of all websites. Indeed, the stats get even more impressive when you consider WP’s dominance in CMS-powered sites, where it accounts for almost 64%.


WordPress is popular among developers

If you approach a development company for a new website, chances are high that they’ll steer you in the direction of WP for several very good reasons, including;


Shorter development times and quick to setup: WP’s ubiquity can be put down to numerous factors – however, one of the strongest from a development point of view is how fast the platform is to set up. Even an unskilled user with zero coding skills can set up a WordPress development site in less than an hour. Of course, to then get the site looking and working exactly as you want takes considerably longer – but the initial setup is much easier than most other CMS.


Simple plugin installation for almost any conceivable use: One of WP’s greatest strengths is the vast array of plugins that are freely available and quick to install covering pretty much any conceivable use. While there are also paid plugins, the majority are offered free and can be found by doing a quick search in the WP backend management pages.


Popularity among developers means it’s easy to find talent: Sometimes projects go wrong and clients fall out with developers – or vice versa. In days gone by, this parting of ways could often leave clients high and dry, stuck with a bespoke CMS that was often easier to redevelop than hire someone else to take on. However, due to WP’s overwhelming popularity, should problems arise for whatever reason, finding a substitute local WordPress development agency or freelancer is easy.


Pre-built themes aid the design and build process: WP has tens of thousands of pre-built themes, meaning developers can quickly install general layouts, then tweak the content and design later. This speeds up production time while also helping clients get set up and online quicker.


Greater design freedom: Through the WP backend, skilled developers can build bespoke layouts – even using a base theme as their initial framework.


WP places security front and center: Cybercrime is a constant threat to firms big and small in all sectors. Thankfully, WordPress comes packaged with a range of in-built security features to protect sites from hackers – and these can also be extended by installing various plugins (both free and paid) to offer added protection.


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