Add New Field to Magento Contact Form

In magento default contact us form provide only four fileds information like Name, Email, Telephone and comment but some time need to more information for contact form it's depends on bussiness model and criteria. If you want to add new field or need more inforation about the user from contact us so this artical to be helpfull to you. Below are the step how to add new field in magento contact us form. This example to show you how to add extra input type field in magento contact us form. Step 1: Add field to phtml file Go to app -> design -> frontend -> yourpackage -> yourtheme -> template -> contacts -> form.phtml If you want to add required field: [sourcecode language="plain"] <li> <label for="email"><em>*</em><?php echo Mage::helper('contacts')->__('Company Name') ?></label>…
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