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E-commerce is the order of the day in the world of virtual marketing and selling. It is a great way to enhance your business and tap the teeming online market. And while the market is swamped with e-commerce applications, it is critical to choose and select the best ecommerce partner for your business. Magento, an open source ecommerce software is increasingly becoming the more preferred solution for online merchandising.

Your brand’s success depends on how well do you implement your ecommerce and target an untapped audience. Magento is highly resilient, has a rich and extremely user friendly interface and provides the best solution to numerous e-commerce problems that occur in the online business. Know how Magento works to deliver some of the world’s best ecommerce brands – here is Magento101.

Open Source Ecommerce: Since Magento is open source it has a thriving community of programmers and developers that have contributed greatly to the platform – customizing the looks and functioning of the website as per requirement.

Hosting flexibility: Magento offers you the freedom to choose your hosting service, unlike other ecommerce applications.

Top-of-the-line SEO: You get some of the most quality traffic with Magento’s SEO features. It is most search engine friendly, with google site map, generating search friendly URLs that also give you rewrite control.

Catalog management: Magento offers you superior Catalog Management creating a virtual shopping mall out of your inventory and choices in how you sell, at what price and to whom you sell – customized for audience, over and above social media sharing and uploads.

Checkout and payment options: With Magento online shopping cart you can choose from a huge array of payment methods and international currencies, which make the transaction smooth, safe and reliable giving your target customers the confidence to shop in you.

Flexible: Perhaps the best feature of all is Magento eCommerce ability to customize itself to your liking. If you are migrating from a different platform, the in-built tools help you to import products, customers and order information.

MCommerce: When mobile is the buzzword of the industry, you need to have a platform that works on mobiles as well. Magento adapts beautifully for your native applications on devices like iphone, ipad and android devices. With HTML5 mobile you can fully integrate your store’s catalog, checkout, inventory etc and mobile-specific customization.

Reliable: Nearly 200000 users including Nike Australia, Harvey Nichols and Samsung, Magento is undoubtedly the fastest growing eCommerce platform. Magento is very easily integrated with a lot of major third-party sites such as Google. Moreover it is supported by popular payment gateways like PayPal and all the leading shipping companies.

If your online ecommerce store is the mainstay of your business, then you need to go with the best. Still wondering about your business’s ecommerce application? Then check out some of the top brands’ websites powered by Magento, to help you take your pick!

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