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Movavi Screen Record

Have you been waiting for a streaming video for days and now you can’t watch it because of your packed schedule? Well, there is nothing to worry about it today as you have Movavi screen recorder for PC. It’s a highly acclaimed robust video capture software which enables its users to record any sort of live online videos in PC or laptop. The software is simple to use and does not ask for advanced computing skills.

Important features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Able to record any kind of streaming video and music files from any website
  • Able to record video calls like Skype calls
  • Comes with inbuilt editor to help with editing functions
  • Allows to extract audio from video
  • Records and saves videos with no compromise on quality
  • Able to continue and stop the recording automatically
  • Able to convert recorded video to any major video format.


Useful tips for users on how to record videos with Movavi Screen Recorder

Download & install

First, you will download and install Movavi Screen Recorder in your PC. You will get installation instructions.

Set recording parameters

Go to Record Screen on the main window of the program to draw capture frame on the screen. Designate the capture parameters from Capture Area. The software allows you to record the video in full screen. Otherwise, you can also choose a part of the screen, if required.

If you want audio, the software lets you capture sound from both output and input audio devices simultaneously. Don’t forget to mark the audio icon in green.

Capture video from PC

Look for the REC tab and click on it. The moment you do this, the software will start recording. Then, click on Stop to finish the recording.

Edit your video

After the recording stops, the software will offer a preview of the captured video. If you don’t want any change, just save the video to your preferred folder. But in case you want some change- like the removal of certain clips or elimination of unwanted ads- you can utilize the built-in editing tools of the software. Go to Open in Editor for the necessary corrections.

Convert video to any format

Movavi Screen Recorder enables its users to convert their videos in just any format. The great part is that the software is compatible with all popular audio and video formats. If you want to change the default format of the recorded video, simply look for Export tab in Video Editor. Click on it to choose the desired video format. Movavi Screen Recorder also allows users to convert the recorded video to formats supported by mobile phones. Whether you want it for an Apple device or an Android one- everything would be sorted with the Movavi product.

Save the video

After you are done with conversion, simply click on Save tab and save the recorded video.

Movavi Screen Recorder is your ultimate tool for any streaming video you have to record.


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