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Videos are in high demand nowadays. Why not? They are more eye-catching and engaging than other types of digital content. That’s why eCommerce professionals are making sure that they can use videos to their full potential. But not everyone is skilled or trained to create sales and marketing videos. Here’s where Clipchamp comes in handy.

Clipchamp is a free online video editor that makes video creation and editing quick and easy. They offer a collection of templates that can help you get started in creating sales and marketing videos that boost eCommerce conversion. Here are the ten best video templates that can supercharge your website and social media presence.


1. Marketing Agency Sales Ad

This video template is ideal for agencies that offer business and marketing services for startups and struggling businesses that need help and guidance in getting their marketing campaigns in place.


2. Tips & tricks ad 

One way to make prospective customers trust you is to offer credible tips, tricks, advice, and ideas relative to your industry. When they see that you are an expert in the field, they will rely on you for further information and even trust you enough to avail of your products or services.


3. Wellness products ad

If you have a specific niche, like wellness or beauty, you can create a video for people who are looking to relax or pamper themselves. Then, you can list down your top 3, 5, or even 10 products that can help them do just that.


4. Christmas discount ad

Christmas shopping is a tradition for most people so it is the best time to entice customers to shop at your physical or digital store. This video template can help you promote your Christmas sale and special offers.


5. Boxing day sale ad

Avoid the post-holiday slump by offering a boxing day sale. This template can help you boost after-Christmas sales and keep the customers shopping up until the end of the year.


6. Mother’s day sales ad

Help boost sales by suggesting giftable items from your shop for special occasions like Mother’s day, Father’s day, birthdays, graduation, and more. You can even add a discount code that customers can use for that special occasion.


7. Reading corner furniture

This video template is great for eCommerce content because it highlights the benefits of their products, subtly giving viewers suggestions for a cozy reading experience. It can help encourage viewers to make a purchase without being too salesy or promotional.


8. Law office promo ad

Even professionals need to promote their services. This video template gives viewers a glimpse of their professional experience in the field and the support team that will help deliver results. This is great for doctors, engineers, designers, and other professionals who can give free consultations as a free trial promo to help convert viewers into customers.


9. Online course social ad

How-to videos are popular among people who are looking for solutions to their problems. This online course video template gives viewers a summary of the key points of how to develop their brand aesthetic while also promoting its online course. This is a great way to invite people to enroll and learn more about a product or service.


10. Startup sales meeting outreach template

If you prefer a more personalized approach to boosting eCommerce sales and engagement, an outreach template is ideal for offering your products and services to professionals, startup businesses, and large companies. This type of video can be sent through email or text.


Boost eCommerce sales with a little help

Videos are effective in boosting engagement, but it takes extra effort to know the right kind of videos that will take your marketing campaign to the next level. You can brainstorm ideas and produce unique concepts to make your content stand out. But if you are still learning to understand your audience to be able to create effective eCommerce content on your website or social media accounts, these video templates can help you get started. Just make sure to customize the elements and choose the most suitable aspect ratio for your landing pages and preferred social media platforms.


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