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Magento has become a popular extension among many sites nowadays. It also has become one of the most functional and powerful platforms for e-commerce sites which offer customization that is rich and full of possibilities with its modules and extensions. This software is built on a model that is full modular and it provides unlimited flexibility and capability to your website or online store. Listed below are some of the facts about Magento and its extensions and modules.

Enhance the Functionality of Magento: Aside from the out of the box functionality of Magento, people are still trying to enhance the software’s capabilities. Given that its open source, any programmer can sort the software itself to suit to whatever he or she wants out of Magento. The possibilities of enhancement for Magento modules are endless. For example, if you have a module that takes care of multi pricing, you can add more features to this function depending on what you need. You may add a block function, add a module for shipping payment or integrate something as large as a third party system or even more multiple parties all at once.

Marketing Promotion and Tools: A great feature of the Magento software is its ability to provide marketing promotions and tools. Its flexible price rules enable the creation of promotions in different variety to increase the rates of conversion. Combined with tools such as Cross Sells, Up Sells among others to increase the Average Order Value, this powerful tool for marketing would provide you with the outmost functionality and ease to increase your sales online.

Customer Service and Accounts: Another cool feature that Magento can deliver is that it enables customers to access their order status and receive information that would help in tracking their order to increase the customer satisfaction. It can also submit request for those types of documents via the Contact Us option form directly from the website itself.

With that enhancement, agents for customer service can now view the account information of the customer, including the order history and the items that are in the customer’s wish list and shopping cart to enable to answer questions effectively and to complete customer order via the dashboard of the call center.

Mobile Commerce: The beauty of Magento is that it’s not only applicable in the PC setting, but in the mobile world as well. With that in mind, you can now have the full potential of Magento right into the mobile devices of your customers.

Multi Currency Support: Another exciting feature of Magento is its ability to support different currencies at once. With this feature anyone from any country can now view pricing of items based on their country’s currency, showing the exact amount as it was converted to the actual pricing based on your location. If the original pricing is in American dollars, customers from Japan can view it as Yen and so on.

Order Management and Checkout: Magento has taken care of everything that your e-commerce site would need starting from the landing page up until the order management and checkout phase of the customer’s order. Magento can show your customers the different methods of payment that they can choose, as well as enabling them to use different types of electronic payments or cards depending on what they currently have.

With Magento, having an e-commerce would be so much easy for the owners as well as the customers themselves, leading to a possible increase in sales because of the ease Magento has provided for your site.


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