Moto G with Android Kit Kat

Mobile Application
Kit Kat is very viral. Wherever we go or whatever we hear it is about KitKat. The new operating system by Android is going a lot viral. Thanks to the good promotions as well as charismatic features present. The KitKat which was first shipped with the Google LG Nexus 5 is very much in demand. Every user wants to upgrade his Android to KitKat and every new phone that is launched is aiming to have Kit Kat as the software front. Indeed the chocolaty name is as seducing as the chocolate itself. By seeing users going gaga over Kit Kat Android 4.4 version reminds me of kids wanting to have Kit Kat Confectionary. Motorola now officially has taken the wraps off the Moto G. This happened earlier this week. It…
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