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Kit Kat is very viral. Wherever we go or whatever we hear it is about KitKat. The new operating system by Android is going a lot viral. Thanks to the good promotions as well as charismatic features present. The KitKat which was first shipped with the Google LG Nexus 5 is very much in demand. Every user wants to upgrade his Android to KitKat and every new phone that is launched is aiming to have Kit Kat as the software front. Indeed the chocolaty name is as seducing as the chocolate itself. By seeing users going gaga over Kit Kat Android 4.4 version reminds me of kids wanting to have Kit Kat Confectionary.

Motorola now officially has taken the wraps off the Moto G. This happened earlier this week. It is also discovered that it wouldn’t be much long before the gadget would actually make the leap from the inaugural stage to users’ pockets. The launches are previously premeditated for this current week in Brazil and other parts of Europe. Regrettably for the US users the Moto G can’t be seen in their lives now. The new Motorola handset isn’t lined up to make its way for the release until for a time till January. However we can know based on a declaration from a Motorola executive that the slight extra wait time is surely will all be appeal it in the end.


The reason for delay in shipping Moto G to the US customers is that the Moto G will be shipped with inbuilt KitKat OS. Mark Randall a personnel from the Motorola’s SVP of the Supply Chain & Operations Management, has let us know that the Moto G will be shipped to the US users with Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System preinstalled preferably by January.

He also further explained that in the primary wave of the Moto G launches the device will be shipped with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. It can however be upgraded to Android 4.4 by January. Therefore the other countries’ users can give a sigh of relief. Since the Kit Kat update will be available to them also.

And the second wave of releases which are planned to go out after Christmas and around that time will include releases in places like the US and other Southeast Asian countries. Randall further says that in this edition of release the Moto G “will start with Android KitKat.”


On the contrary to the happiness which should be felt actually, it may be actually unacceptable to some of the users that the much awaited Moto G is shipping with only the Jelly Bean Android 4.3 operating system. This is especially after considering the fact that Moto X is now slated to begin receiving its Android 4.4 KitKat updates in the forthcoming weeks. However we can be sure that at least Motorola is very well committed to swiftly getting its low cost onto the Android 4.4. Evidently, that’s something which US consumers generally have no need to agonize about.

However we will now have to stay calm until the time that we can most properly put the Moto G through our scrutinizing hands before we can give a clear judgment regarding its specs. Until then whatever we hear may be just a rumor. However from the known facts like the combination of a 4.5-inch with 720p display, the quad-core processor and also the much wanted Android 4.4 KitKat and a price as low as the $179 Moto G could be now a pretty persuasive option for budget-conscious users and wireless shoppers to opt for it this Christmas / new year when it lastly lands in the US by January.

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