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Augmented reality has become one of the main technology trends of recent years. Various areas ranging from healthcare and education to game and mobile app development are applying it nowadays. The reason of the popularity is that augmented reality technology provides digital information perceived by a human as a part of reality.

In fact, AR augments a physical world by adding virtual elements into it. Unlike virtual reality, it does not create an entire simulated environment, but overlays graphics, sounds and videos on the top of existing one. A user does not have to wear VR headset to get interactive experience, a smartphone or a tablet is enough. That is why augmented reality technology is successfully used by mobile app development company.


What kinds of AR are used for Mobile App Development?

Augmented reality app development comes in 3 major forms according to the mobile application functionality and objectives:


  • marker-based AR

  • markerless AR

  • superimposition-based AR


Marker-based augmented reality apps use distinct programming algorithm that recognises the visual pattern such as QR code and distinguishes it from any other. A device user just points the camera at the marker and sees either digital information or three-dimensional virtual object.


Markerless augmented reality, also called location-based, enables to use any part of a surrounding without any pattern identification. This approach uses GPS feature embedded in the device to provide a data based on user’s location. By means of this AR type mobile app developers allow the users to discover establishments around, play interactive games or even explore star constellations.


Superimposition-based  augmented reality replaces a real object entirely or partly with an augmented view of it. This AR type has found a use for such companies as

Ikea and Wayfair to create mobile app, which scans a page and allows to place virtual furniture in a room using camera.

How to launch Augmented reality app development?

With a large variety of SDKs any mobile app development company has endless possibilities to create AR projects for both iOS or Android platforms. However, besides the licensed software, this complex process requires best technical skills and professional experience. Augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada – can find best solutions and create successful AR projects.

The powerful team provides various scenarios to help a customer to achieve the goals. As a result, app developers enable to create new exciting content and engage larger audience. With the help of AR manufacturers highlight best product features and stand out from the competitors. Finally, our environment becomes more comfortable for society by adding navigation information and directions around a city. The possibilities of using augmented reality for mobile apps are countless, as augmented reality app development company can successfully turn imaginations into reality.

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