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If there is one thing that has evolved at a rapid pace since past five years then unarguably, smartphones and mobile applications tops the list. It is pretty evident that smartphones are the fastest growing technology devices and mobile applications can easily fall under the bracket of quickest need generator. Having the right mobile apps can make a significant impact in our day to day lives as it is done to solve the purpose. When some of the most amazing smartphones gets a blend with the finest mobile applications,  it has the power to simplify human lives. Here are those seven mobile apps that have changed your life. Get these if you have not already.


  • Red Panic Button

The Red Panic catch is one such application that can let users alert their friends and family or anyone in their network during the time of emergency. It works like a flagging call amongst your contacts and loved ones, by letting others know about the crisis or inconvenience you confront at any point in time.

About the working of the Red Panic Button, you should must first ensure your loved ones have this application in their respective smartphones. Then, you must set a frenzy number or email address to whom you would like to send the alert message. Moreover, when you press the panic button from the app during any crisis circumstance, the phone shall send the message within the proximity your area – whoever is near will get the first alert. This comes coordinated with in-app versatile guide application by utilizing the GPS or coarse GSM based directions.

DOWNLOAD this iOS app for ensuring the safety for yourself and your loved ones.


  • Zombies, Run

Zombies, Run is such an application, to the point that can make you keep running for your life. Visualize a situation where you switch on this running application once you are all set, with your headgear, and exactly when you are going to run somewhat more, you hear zombies. You feel they are simply near you such that you could listen to their breath gruff, their moans – you feel that they are all over the place,and you are stuck in between. All you need to do is – Run!

This is a definitive ultra-submerging gaming application to reinforce your running abilities and make you run quicker for your life. The same way, this application should keep your adrenaline on the surge with the spine-chilling sound dramatization to out your bore on thetestand at the focal point of the most strange zombie story. To gratify the incredible idea you are required to gather the supplies to return home securely.

Download the Zombies, Run app for iOS and Android


  • ReliefLink 

ReliefLink is one such application that can be labelled as an aid to humankind because at the center of its thought is a novel concept ofsaving a human life. ReliefLink application is principally created to avert suicide. All the more significantly, it focuses on enhancing the psychological health of a person which brings certainty and offersreliableand readily available help.

The significant feature of the ReliefLink application is its capacity to give imperative data about the nearby healing centers and availability of highly required treatment immediately within the glimpse of an integrated interactive map.

Download the ReliefLink app for iOS


  • VoiceChanger +

VoiceChanger+ is stacked with plenty of fun voices alongside the full range of sound effects. It is possible to turn your voice into literally anything by merely pressing a button. Not confining the particular set of utilities there is a feature that records the melody which later turns your song into a different thing altogether with a change in pitch, modulation, voice, and scale.

Excellence lies in effortlessness, and with this application, there is a consistency in simplicity as it includes only three taps to change your voice. Hold the record button, record what you want to, and tap the record button again to stop. No,you select any of the sound effects you want to apply from the listed menu.

Get the VoiceChanger+ for iOS and VoiceChanger for Android


  • Practo

With practo, looking and finding the ideal spot for the best thing gets simple – it brings the best of health and fitness app in your palms. With the extensive range of choices, it aids users by giving them the chance to look for the specialists they need. It also considers the region, closeness, accessibility, and even particular medications. Database administration comes auto-integrated with Practo as it helps you check every schedules and appointment, medicines, along with the set of reminders to alert you. It additionally has an input system where clients can rate and survey the specialists to tell different clients about the nature of checkup and skill.

Get the Practo app for iOS and Android



  • Bayit Lighting

The Bayit Lighting application works for controlling the in-house lights of your abode. The element incorporates dealing with the lights to switch On or Off, look over abroad collection of hues and tones of the supplied Bayit Lights, giving you the control of your lighting need sat your fingertips.

Making light switches have turned into the relic of times gone by as new shrewd views are undoubtedly adding sheer magnificence to your wonderful home. Offering more than 15 million hues enables you to play around with the lights as per your mood, permitting you to even change the shading and speed.

Get the Bayit app for iOS and Android


With the Hidden Camera Detector App, you can detect the infrared radiations around you. It is anything but easy to distinguish emissions that are released by the electronic gadgets which can likewise be the CCTV cameras also. This application comes with an inbuilt adjusted camera for identifying the Infra-Red Cameras.

There are thousands of great mobile app development companies who are churning out the best possible codes to enhance the human life. Mobile applications have indeed come a long way in optimizing the smartphone utility.


Author Bio: Akil Malek is a digital marketer with one of the top mobile app development companies, Peerbits. He has an excellent knowledge of mobile technology and mobile app development with an experience of over four years in digital marketing.


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