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In today’s world, augmented reality technology has become quite widespread. Using the unique features that are provided to users in various applications, brands can achieve higher user engagement, reduce product return rates, increase sales, and drive customer loyalty. 

One of the up-and-coming trends is AR beauty filters that help companies improve their marketing campaigns.

Initially, they were popular only in some social networks like Snapchat. Users were actively using AR lenses and effects to beautify their appearance and engage through immersive face masks. Over time, the situation has changed and now users actively utilize makeup filters

With the possibilities of a makeup AR SDK, it is possible to speed up the process of launching the application on the market and save on from-scratch development costs. The most popular among the developers is the Banuba software which makes the creation of such filters as easy as possible.


What You Should Know About AR Beauty

Today, augmented reality technologies have many possibilities for use. One of them is the Beauty AR trend. By creating all kinds of make-up filters, many companies successfully promote their own cosmetics, providing users with the opportunity to try them on virtually. In addition, there are other filters. For example, they can be used in fashion, social, education, entertainment, and other spheres. Let’s try to understand together how filters work:


  • the camera is pointed at the user’s face or there is a reading of the face from a photo or video;
  • the filter itself is applied.


Masks can be different. For example, you can find filters that provide visuals:

  • smoothing the skin tone of the face and eliminating imperfections;
  • enlarging the lips or eyes;
  • a slight change in the shape of the face (e.g., cheeks become smaller and cheekbones become more expressive);
  • makeup (both full makeup and just the use of individual cosmetics are possible).


In this way, the use of filters for many users becomes an almost real possibility to look better in the frame, avoiding unnecessary efforts it takes. From a technical side, makeup filters become possible with the help of artificial intelligence. AI-powered computer vision technologies allow for detecting and tracking a user’s face, scanning its shape, and unique personal features. 

The technical possibilities of modern software enable users to make changes in their appearance. Makeup looks as if it was actually made, and the skin tone of the face becomes natural and organic. Changing hair color, trying on a stylish hairstyle, or an unusual image with art makeup – these enhancements offer high user engagement to the target audience.


How your own makeup filter can help grow your business

Various masks and filters are actively used by representatives of various companies to implement their own creative ideas. At the same time, the use of such technologies makes it easy to achieve excellent results. Here again, the AR beauty trend has gained lot of popularity. 

Most often all kinds of beauty filters are used by representatives of large companies and brands that work in the field of beauty and cosmetology. For example, companies involved in this field can offer their users to:


  1. See how their appearance will change after using a particular cosmetic product ( for example, if we are talking about a product that fights acne, you can show the person how much better his skin condition will become using a virtual mask).
  2. “Try on” makeup made with the brand’s products (for example, many girls would probably like to see how a certain lipstick looks before they buy it).


The question arises: how does adding AR makeup filters can help promote branded products? Numerous marketing studies have shown that launching your own filters allows you to:

  • reach a larger audience;
  • attract the attention of new customers;
  • increase the loyalty of regular customers;
  • interest potential customers in purchasing new products.

As an example, remember the beautiful filter from Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. Initially, this mask was shown in the account of one of the brand’s ambassadors, after which the filter became truly “viral”. It allowed users to “try on” the brand’s makeup products. Experimenting with different shades of lipsticks, users could understand which one suited them best. As a result, YSL increased sales and reduced the return rate drastically, as buyers could choose the best cosmetic product, try it on in real-time, and proceed to the checkout process.


Why Choose Banuba Beauty AR SDK

Many entrepreneurs try to avoid creating a makeup filter online as it requires a lot of time and investments. Here comes an SDK which allows integrating tons of makeup filters and effects within a couple of hours. Banuba Beauty AR SDK is a great example.


Using the capabilities of the software, you can create a filter that will allow you to:

  • achieve an ideal skin tone, eliminate rashes or freckles;
  • eliminate wrinkles and bruises under the eyes;
  • create beautiful makeup (the possibilities are endless – you can create a filter with bright makeup or concise daytime makeup).

At the same time, the picture can be accompanied by animation effects or inscriptions. Here it all depends solely on the imagination of the developer. 

. The provided templates and features allow you to experiment with creative solutions. Moreover, the ready filter can be used for uploading to social networks or any other software. Many developers use Banuba to create their own applications. The software allows you to interact with devices running on different operating systems (in iOS,macOS, and Android). 

The capabilities of the software allow you to add makeup filters to video, which can be convenient for those who hold a variety of video conferences or record videos for social networks. It is possible to edit ready-made images or use filters for photos in real-time mode.


The program works based on artificial intelligence. It can not only track the user’s face, complementing it, but also segment it. This makes it possible to use a filter to affect only a certain part of the user’s face (e.g., only the lips). You can try to use already developed filters as an example. To create your own, you need a little free time and a desire to fantasize.


Why Banuba: conclusion

So, why do users choose Banuba? To sum it up, we can answer this question in the following way:

  • The software solution allows users who are not satisfied enough with their appearance to become more beautiful with the help of Beauty Filters. In turn, developers can use ready-made solutions to create their own masks.
  • This software can be classified as universal because Banuba filters work on 97% of iPhones and 80% of modern Android smartphones.
  • Many companies have already successfully used Banuba’s capabilities. Some of the major brands include Meta, Gucci, and others. It is possible to use existing software options or contact developers to create a unique solution.


Nowadays, beauty filters are a new trend. Therefore, it can be safely used for an advertising campaign, promotion of a personal brand. It’s much easier to use tons of ready-made makeup filters using Banuba’s Beauty AR SDK than spending weeks or months on custom development. Results will not be long in coming. Many brands manage to easily reach millions of unique users in just a few days, which increases brand awareness quickly and without unnecessary problems.


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