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Technology has developed unbelievably these days and we are witnessing rapid growth in all fields with the progression of modern technology. People can observe the influence of technology in business, education, medicine, tourism, and almost every walk of our life.  The far and wide growth of technology has resulted in the coming of many apps. We can come across many mobile apps these days that are related to the entertainment, education, and even business field.

At present, freelance writing is one of the careers that many people love to pursue in their life. There are many freelance writers in the world who focus on writing articles for blogs, magazines and contents for different websites online. Today, writers have a lot of effective means to improve their writing and mobile apps can aid the writers with enhancing their writing skills. The following are top 7 must have apps for writers:

  1. JotterPad

Writers can find out many free and paid online apps that can assist them to improve their writing skills, widen their freelance writing career, and effectively handle their freelance writing business. JotterPad is a great writing app for the inventive writers. The app comes as an ideal solution for writers for writing novel, lyrics, poems, essay, draft and screenplay. This app is one of the most excellent writing apps and offers many amazing creative features to make your writing task easier. It lets writers to concentrate on their writing, expand their thoughts and write it digestibly without any disruption.

  1. MindNodeMindNode

Writers can get guidance and some help from the mobile apps these day. MindNode is a good app that lets writers to expand their writing knowledge and skills. With this app, writers can make the writing procedure as simple as possible. The app can be used in your Mac, iPad and iPhone devices. The app allows writers to work out their thoughts and presents a visual representation of their ideas. It helps the writers to begin with a main thought and develop contents from there.

  1. Writer Plus

Writer Plus is a good app for writers to harness their creativity and imagination. It is a better writing app that writers can come across in the industry. It helps the writers to boost their writing without any commotion and disturbance. The app offers a superior solution for writers when it comes to writing novels, drafts, poems, essay, lyrics, etc. It boasts several features that let the writers to improve their writing and pass on their ideas with no trouble.

  1. iA Writer

iA Writer is an app that provides more convenience and efficiency to writers. The app is intended to offer writers the most advantageous writing experience. It helps the writers to move away from any hassle and distraction that they face in their writing process. iA Writer allows the writers to improve their writing styles, to get inspired and to develop their ideas. It can offer a fresh and unique experience while writing essays, white papers, business proposals, poems, novels, etc.

  1. MarkdownX

MarkdownX is another app in the industry that helps writers to enhance their skills and become creative in their writing. It is one of the most useful and also used apps by the writers. MarkdownX can make it easy for the writers to format your writing as it has a number of options. It contains the features such as live preview, undo and redo, blending document with Dropbox, auto save choice and GFM support. These features let help you to enjoy your writing and express your ideas with ease through your tablet or Smartphone.

  1. Monospace Writer BETA

Monospace Writer BETA is an app that makes writers writing so simple and helps the writers to bring out their creativity. The app allows the writers to make things trouble-free, bring into play the app for writing notes and all kind of things on their mobile devices. It contain basic formatting options, help writers to arrange associated writings using hashtags, and the app features Dropbox and Google Drive amalgamation. The app makes your writing life even more contented and easy.

  1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most useful apps for writers as it offers better experience to the writers across the world. It offers a great opportunity for the writers to create, view and edit documents. Microsoft Word app is intended for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Word presents the best productivity experience and makes it easy to make documents, quick edits and move data across the devices.  The app helps writers to create, edit, view and share their written files with others promptly and with no trouble.


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I am Susan Taylor. I have been dealing with writing for the past many years now. I love my freelance writing career because it gives me a lot of opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills. Presently, I work for one of the best dissertation writing services online. It gives me a good chance to helps students across the world to handle their writing tasks effortlessly. I also write for blogs, magazines and online websites whenever I get free time.

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