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Android is now synonymous with smartphone OS owing to the user-friendly interface which has led to its immense popularity. It has an 85% market share and more than 3.4 millions applications available on Google Play are supported on Android.

Hence, it goes without saying that app developers prioritize this OS while developing any type of application. It is predicted taking into account the present trends that android applications will lead the market in near future because of their simplicity and user-friendliness.

As the demand for such apps has grown, and software developers compete to meet the market demands, many trends and technologies have evolved to meet those demands. The app development segment, especially for android devices, is thriving currently and being an android user you will get so many different innovations that can help you get a better experience. We have listed ten such upcoming app development trends to watch out for this year. All of the best android app developers should keep a keen eye on these trends as they will impact the industry in years to come.


10 Latest Android App Development Trends in 2021

Android has been going through radical changes since its introduction to the world and has gained more and more users over the years for its improving user experience. To stay ahead, following are some of the trends set by the leaders in the android development industry:


1. Android Instant App

Apps that allow the users to try out the product without installing the application first are called the Android Instant App. They have been around for a while and the popularity is growing each day.

The primary reasons for increase in its popularity are as follows:

  • E-commerce and game developers particularly benefit from this format
  • Do not require extra space
  • Reduce unnecessary system permissions and interruptions
  • Compatibility with all android devices


2. AI/Machine Learning

Today, there are many different cloud-based apps available for android. The benefits of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be harnessed by various enterprises in AI App development.

Different business processes can be augmented which is a primary reason behind the growing popularity of this technology. So much so that the implementation of AI and ML in various industries is growing to the extent that android applications based on them are also becoming common.

The advantages of AI technology in App development are:

  • Users can get versatile solutions to a variety of problems.
  • Its application is wide-ranged in various segments like image identification, processing of natural languages, and data analytics.
  • These kinds of apps are not too heavy for the processor and hence, they are efficiently used on smart devices.


3. Multiplatform development

This is also known as “Flutter” and is a robust cross-platform app development framework. It is used for building Android and iOS applications that have a native interface. There is a lot of flexibility in this platform which is highly advantageous in developing android applications and smartphone apps.

Flutter based app development will particularly witness growing demand in 2021 for the following reasons:

  • The features are easy to learn
  • The native design
  • MVP development

Flutter is being actively combined into the latest software developments by many experts which makes it the most trending technology in recent times. Some of the applications which are developed with flutter are Alibaba, Google Ads, and Recflectly.


4. Blockchain

You can get decentralized app development with the help of blockchain technology that can help to strengthen the security protocols of the app. At the same time, the overall transparency and the elimination of unauthorized access are also made possible with this technology.

If you are trying to develop an app for the finance sector like banks, currency exchanges and similar activities, blockchain technology is the perfect solution. As per a survey by PWC, approximately 84% of companies globally implement this technology for developing their smartphone applications.

Some of the benefits of blockchain technologies are as follows:

  • Data loss is reduced
  • Even when there is a network failure, the app will keep performing because of deployed data
  • The security of the blockchain-based app is much higher


5. Chatbots

Chatbots or Google Assistant has become a very useful choice for many business owners in 2021 as they can now combine the service and the content. Deep linking various particular functions on the business’s mobile app have become easier with the help of Google Assistant. Also, the users of Google assistant can view the most important parts of your App’s content with another feature called the Android Slices.

The popularity of the Google Assistant is increasing which means, integration between the android app and the virtual assistant will be desirable for many. This in turn will add to the popularity of such development ventures which are surely becoming a trend already.


6. The advent of 5G

The 5G roll out across the world will call for apps that are ready and compatible with such high-speed technology. Hence, many android developers with a futuristic vision in this segment are already set to develop versions of their apps that are compatible with data transmission of 100Gbps. It is expected that 5G is all set to be used across 1.4 billion devices worldwide.


7. APM and EMM

If you are considering enterprise mobile app development, the latest trends are APM and EMM or Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management.

These are technologies used to minimize the lagging in various mobile applications. If an android app can qualify these tests, it’s speed and performance is assured to the users.

Productive data exchange and higher safety and security are made possible in the apps which are tested through APM and EMM.


8. Android Jetpack

Highly advanced and feature-packed apps can be easily developed with the help of the Android Jetpack. The ability to produce high-quality apps in a very short time makes this option a trending factor in the present day in Android app development companies.

It is completed with a suite of guidelines, various features, libraries and tools which help the developers swiftly come up with a new app. The structured documentation provided by Google for Jetpack makes it simpler for the developers to master this new technology. The prime elements you get in the Android jetpack are UI, behaviour, architecture and foundation.

It can be concluded that the speed at which a developer can work on new apps, adds to the popularity of the technology and makes it one of the most trending factors in android app development.


9. Kotlin Multiplatform

What if you do not have access to flutter or want a substitute for it? Kotlin is providing exactly this to the developers and hence has become a trend in the android app development industry.

Developers can use the feature of multiplatform projects in Kotlin. It is still in a nascent form with only Kotlin 1.2 and 1.3 available. However, its technology is predicted as here to stay which means it is likely to develop further and eventually become one of the most sought after technologies for app development.

The basis of Kotlin is an aspiration to share codes and it can support a wide variety of systems and technology like Linux, Windows, JavaScript, iOS, Android and even embedded systems like STM32. The main benefit of using Kotlin is the high speed and ability to skim through complex tasks related to the development procedure.


10. On-demand apps

As the name suggests, the applications are designed to assist with daily task performance with accuracy and rapidity. When the primary goal is to boost the client experience with the service, such apps are very useful. These types of apps are becoming a trend in different sectors like healthcare, beauty, retail, food delivery and grocery.

They are designed and based on accessing the user’s location and providing the service accordingly. The users can enjoy instant service with the help of such apps.

As the demand for doorstep service is growing in various elemental sectors, on-demand apps are becoming a trend.



Android is getting better and better by the day and is being updated with various features and technology. To keep up with its development, applications that are at par are also needed. To keep up with the growing technical demand as well as the consumer demand, the android app development segment is going through several creative and innovative transitions which are also trendsetters for the future.

Apart from the trends mentioned above, there is also a visible growth in developing mobile wallets, augmented reality-based apps, accelerated Mobile pages etc.

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