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After analyzing past and recent tendencies, small businesses and startups have noticed how using an animated video maker for their video marketing campaign can boost traffic and increase customer conversion. There are a number of ways you can use an animated video maker. The following article will analyze how the latter can contribute to the best video marketing trends in 2021.

Marketing strategies in the global sphere is heavily saturated with all types of advertisement and announcements. People in recent years have been dealing with excessive and misleading information. Customers are tired of obvious marketing, they would rather purchase from a brand that stands out with its marketing strategy and speaks to them. 

Video marketing is considered one of the many outlets to inform customers of a certain product or service. It is one of the top practices in recent years due to its effective results to reach customers and connect with them on a more personal level. It is said to be the most efficient digital marketing trend in 2021.

Video marketing holds power in the sense that it can instigate an emotional relationship between businesses and their target consumers. It could be seen as a part of the emotional advertisement. Businesses have the ability to transfer information at a much faster pace than other tools. 

One of the social media platforms that transmits information in video format is Instagram. The latter has a feature entitled Instagram stories which are updated in a form of videos that people use to advertise their products, showcase a service, or simply record their day.

Instagram adapted this feature which was first developed by Snapchat, but they soon surpassed the average monthly users due to the number of Instagram users adding up every day. The feature offers people accessibility to reach more people live. Facebook is also adapting this feature as it will soon be based on videos only and it will ultimately ditch texts. 

Seeing the incredible statistics video marketing hold only speaks volume as to the impact this trend is having on digital marketing in general. It is set to be a 135 billion dollar industry. This number is for the US alone, the market is expanding and taking over the whole industry. 

So, obviously, the competition will be expanding as well and more apparent than ever. Businesses need to level up their strategies and adopt new ways to reach new customers. They need to research their market first, study how to create a video marketing campaign that will be perceived in the best way by customers, and not just create a video for the sake of it. 


Why Using Animated Video Maker in Your Video Marketing Strategy

You’re probably wondering how you should work on your video marketing strategy and what tools are best to use when creating your video. Animated video maker is crucial in delivering the exact emotions and information to your customers in a way that will allow your business to stand out. 

Explainer video software can be used by literally all businesses. These types of tools accommodate all businesses in terms of features which helps content creators to easily create videos with no prior editing skills. 

It will also make people see your brand. It can be perfect to raise brand awareness as videos are known to be attention-grabbing materials. You have probably scrolled up and down in your Instagram and Facebook feed watching all types of videos with beautiful thumbnails or eye-catching titles. Some people even make purchases after watching a video of a certain product. Others who do not purchase will definitely remember your brand if you use a memorable focal element like logos, slogans, a certain fictional character to give your business brand identity. Motion in general catches people’s attention and can motivate people to view the video to the end to see what it’s all about. 

Other than branding your business, animated video makers can be set as a medium to ensure people are hearing what you’re offering. With animated video makers, you can add an appealing soundtrack, sound effects, and an engaging voiceover. These elements have the power to grab people’s attention and force them to listen to what you have to present. Therefore, your audience will not only see your products or services, but they will also hear them with all their senses. 

Successful brand marketers have stated that the most used elements in videos are metaphors, a striking motto, a friendly voice that could transmit emotions using the voice only, and more! Another aspect that can be found relevant in all big companies’ video marketing strategies is the use of personal stories.

 If you want to shift people’s focus to your video content using the before-mentioned techniques, you might as well lead them to engage with you on a personal level. You can either start your video by showcasing how your business started from low points and worked its way up as people are more interested in success stories. You can also include motivational stories that led to creating the businesses as it will serve certain people for example. The possibilities are endless. 

Furthermore, an animated video maker can be a helpful tool to communicate complicated information in the most simple and straightforward way possible. Since animated video makers have animated characters and cartoon background images, the process to create a video explaining complex ideas can be done more easily than opting for other video tools. You might decide to add Unicorns as part of your video. 

If you were to create a live-action video, this would not have been possible, but because animated video makers have cartoon elements and it can be adaptable to any genre, content creators can use whatever elements that can seem far from reality as part of the video context. 


2021 Best Video Marketing Trends Using Animated Video Maker

Video marketing trends are ever-changing every single year based on the digital environment and global status. With the global pandemic continuing to reshape the way we communicate, video has become the number one medium for businesses and marketers to reach their audience and potential customers. 

Some of these trends were used in previous years and some of them will not be effective in the upcoming ones. But one thing to learn is that trends are bound to vanish at the end regardless of their importance. Businesses need to work on creating strong, impactful video strategies that will be useful for many years. 

The following trends are ones that have worked for a period of time before and are used by many video marketers. 


Optimization for Mobile Users

Modern people are almost managing their entire life and work from mobile devices. Customers are constantly looking at their phones for entertainment, knowledge, and spread awareness. Businesses need to adopt ways that can allow them to reach customers in a closer, more personal manner. 

They need to follow what their audience needs and understand the demanding necessity of allowing a friendly user experience through mobile devices. Few animated video maker applications are actually adaptable for mobile resolutions. However, animated explainer videos created using these applications take so long to load and on occasions send error messages to users which can prevent them from viewing it. 

Therefore, it is advisable to work on both video quality and video optimization to ensure a smooth and streamline the experience for customers. It is important to also ensure that your work is being recognized and taken into consideration when customers click on your videos. The Mobile-first approach is the first step to an effective video marketing strategy. 


Personalize your Videos 

The second trend that can be used all times for its global impact is personalization. We have seen that creating videos is crucial to spread information on a much more impactful method, but making you send the proper videos to the proper group of people is also important. 

Before working with your animated video maker, create detailed research of your target customers. You can probably think of creating multiple short videos for people based on their gender, profession, or interest as an introductory to your brand. 

By personalizing your videos, the chances of transmitting animation videos that can resonate with your target customers are all-time high as they tend to boost conversion to your website and business.

You might feel as though you will lose time and money creating multiple videos that will target different groups of people, but if you invest in an animated video maker and you have a dedicated content creator who creates all your content, then the process is doable and worth it. This trend is set to work best in marketing, bring significant ROI, and can double revenue. 


Mix your Video Animation

2D animated videos are very popular among marketers and are widely consumed by all types of people. They might as well be the biggest trend in 2020 and continuing to be so in 2021. Marketers have established the fact that the reign of the 2D animated explainer video is lasting for quite a while in the future. 

However, by contributing to both 2D and 3D animation, you will ensure a wide range of people accessing your content as this combination is fairly new and only used in a few projects. 

3D animation has features that can be impossible to implement with 2D animation. They are useful when adding 3D models of object and hand “ keyframed” motion. Another animation that could be added to this combination is whiteboard animation. You may not need to add all three to a single video ( depending on the length, storyline, and target audience), but whiteboard animation is also one of the emerging animations and trends for this year onwards. 

The Whiteboard animation concept is to explain certain notions and use drawing hands throughout the video. These videos are versatile and can be adapted by all types of companies or industries. The most used case for whiteboard animation is explainer videos, statistics, E-learning, and more! 


Animated Videos in Websites

Apart from having animated videos in websites’ homepages, you can also add videos to the background of your website to give it a dynamic feel. You can either add videos that display the business’s products or services, or you can just showcase what the business is all about in general. 

Among effective websites are the ones that showcase the manufacturing side of products, how services came to exist, the different meetings that lead to the creation of the business itself, and so on. 

It’s important to know that even though these videos are in the background, if accompanied by striking and engaging music, beautifully placed animated characters from animated video makers, use of attractive colors, your website will be the number source for customer conversion. People are all about visuals, and if they see something they like they are likely to invest in it before understanding what the business is all about.


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