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What is website hosting?

A web host is a company that stores all the files of your website to make it visible for the people who want to visit it online. Simply, website hosting takes your new websites and makes it possible for anyone in the world to visit them.

This article will let you understand website hosting and the top 10 top websites hosting for WordPress in the UK.

WordPress is one of the best free websites around the world. You only have to pay for your own hosting. Finding the best WordPress hosting can be a bit confusing but don’t worry after reading this article you will be able to pick the best WordPress hosting and Reseller Hosting for yourself.

You can also check and compare Best WordPress Hosting Sites Here:



This website builder gives a favorable selection of templates and customization options. It will be really simple and easy for anyone to make a website that looks professional. The only drawback is that you have to pay1.99 pounds per month to use this tool. Their hosting plans are the cheapest starting from just 99 US cents. Their cheapest plan has 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth. Their uptime also varies and its range is from 99.04% to 100% per month.



They are working since 2004 and they have a great selection of modern themes. The drag and drop options make it easy to customize and the e-commerce solutions are solid. This is a free website builder but you have to pay $5 every month for web hosting. Their basic plan has 10 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. Their uptime is reliable which is 99.9%.

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Bluehost is easy to use website builder but firstly you have to sign up and pay for the web hosting. Their plans start from 2.33 pounds every month. They have 50 GB of storage and a free domain for the first 12 months. Bluehost is one of the most trusted website hosting services having an uptime of 99.98%.


A2 Hosting

Its drag and drop option make it possible to edit nearly anything in its templates which means it is really easy to make a site of your choice. You have to sign up for web hosting which starts from 2.28 pounds per month in order to access this website builder. Their cheapest package has 100 GB of storage and their uptime is 99.9%.



iPage is conceivably the best website on this list. They offer Weebly’s amazing drag and drop website builder for free. It’s free for those who sign up for the hosting plan. Their plans start at 1.99 pounds per month with unlimited storage. And it’s a very good deal. Their uptime is a bit low, about 99.6%.


Just Host

They offer two website builders. One is a built-in website like others in this list and the second is a specific WordPress builder. It’s really amazing if you are currently a WordPress user or if you want to know about the world’s most popular website builder software. You have to pay for hosting which starts from 2.98 pounds per month in order to access these free website builders. This hosting has 50 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. Its uptime is about 99.88%.


InMotion Hosting

They use BoldGrids professional WordPress website builder software. This means that InMtion has a really good website that is easy to use. It also has never-ending themes and customization options. You have to pay for the hosting plan which starts from at least 6.99 pounds per month. This package includes 50 GB of storage, a free domain, and a lot of email accounts. Their uptime guarantee is 99.9% which they always meet.



FatCow is the best option to choose because they have an easy to use drag and drop website builder. The good news is you can also build your site using Weebly, WordPress, and CM4all. Hosting packages start at 2.50 pounds per month which is great when you get to know that you will have unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth too. Their uptime ranges from 99.85-99.5%.



They have a very user-friendly drag and drop website builder. Their templates are a bit basic but they are fine for simple sites and blogs. But you will want more if you are building a complex and professional site. Their hosting plans start at 2.16 pounds every month. It is cheap because you will have unlimited space and bandwidth. They also have the best uptime rate which is 99.8-100%.


Green Geeks

This is the best choice for you if you are environmentally conscious and that’s because they offset 300% of the carbon they use. This website builder is not a simple drag and drop but you don’t need to do any coding which is amazing. Their hosting plans start at 2.95 pounds per month which includes unlimited space and bandwidth. Their uptime is great which is 99.95%.

So, these were the top website hosting in the UK. There are plenty of more options which you can explore using your internet. If you are facing any trouble with the speed of your internet, you can check it on our site

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