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If you want to succeed in your online business – whether it’s website for writers or entrepreneurs – there is one thing that you must always keep in mind – the term search engine optimization. By definition, website on page seo and off page seo are the techniques that is being used by many web marketers and online business owners to drive visitors to their websites. The goal of SEO is to create keywords that can be expanded into sharing content and make money from it.  It is done when your website is listed on the first page of any search engine, particularly Google.


Doing this is simple. You just have to:

  • Invest in quality writing.
  • Create as much unique content as you can. Articles, blogs, commentaries, posts on social media and even joining forums will definitely create content for your websites.
  • Make your content accessible for the public. When you create your content, make sure that other people can share it on their social media accounts or blogs. Trust me; you need their help to get your content viral. What is the use of an authentic writing if no one will read or share it, right?

But, while your content might be good, you must avoid the common (or uncommon) writing mistakes that can break your SEO.

What are these writing mistakes? You might ask.

DUPLICATING CONTENT. Never, ever duplicate what is written on your website and blog sites, even if they are your own writing. Why? Here are the reasons why duplicating is never good:

  • It is bad for your reputation. Search engines do not appreciate duplicated content. Remember that you are utilizing SEO as a tool to build your online reputation and not destroy. Repeated content screams of lack of originality and quality.
  • It can be considered as an infringement of intellectual property rights. In universities and other educational institutions, plagiarism is frowned upon. In the online world, copying and using someone else’s work does not attract visitors to your website. Keep that in mind.
  • You might drive your visitors towards other people’s websites. You already lost your chance to make money before you even know it.

SPAMMING. Gone are the days when people comment on certain blog sites with reciprocal links hidden in their comments or messages. It does not matter how many reciprocal links you have created or approved on your websites or blog sites. The truth is that, only those links and comments that provide real value to your consumers or targeted visitors matter. You are wrong if you think that you can just create reciprocal links and your website, or your business will be successful and famous overnight. If it is only that easy, then we will all be as rich as Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It does not work that way. Why?

  • First, SEO is a continuous effort.
  • Second, creating value for your website takes time. But once you have created and established the worth of your website, you can easily use this to your advantage and enjoy the monetizing opportunities available to you.
  • Lastly, success does not happen overtime. If you want to be successful online, you really have to work hard for it. While there may be lots of successful businesses online and some that are just getting by, it is a fierce competition.

CUTTING CORNERS. To achieve success in search engine optimization, your articles must be informative. These articles must show the writer’s in-depth comprehension of the topic. Your content must have something valuable to offer to your readers and visitors. Otherwise, Google will not work for you even if you have hundreds of articles posted per day.

ONE TIME APPROACH.  Didn’t I just say that SEO is hard work? The truth behind SEO is that there is no one particular optimization plan that you can execute one time. If you think that once you have implemented your plan, you are set and on your way to success, you are wrong. Successful online marketers and businesses never sleep on their quest to search engine optimization. It involves constant tweaking of contents, adding new articles, and monitoring of outcomes. You have to measure your result and interpret them accordingly to determine what your weak points are and where can you improve some more. Keep learning. There are many strategies and proven means to boost the SEO of your website. Find them and use them to your advantage.


There is really no right or wrong approach to writing but you must avoid the common mistakes that can easily affect your SEO in order to attain maximum success. You are already working hard to be on the top page of Google, so it won’t hurt to do it right the first time.

Author Bio:

Lucy Adams is a happy mother, marketer, and blogger from buzzessay. She’s passionate about article writing. Feel free to send Lucy your best ideas and be ready to get in-depth and grounded papers in return. Don’t be shy and supply the blogger with your suggestions.

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