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SEOs, it’s time to gear up. Google has made yet another change that will undoubtedly affect how your website ranks in SERPs!

To crack down on low-quality content ranking in search engine results pages, Google introduced its newest algorithm update. This was termed the Helpful Content Update and aimed to promote helpful and informative articles while demoting those that are not useful or relevant for users looking up information about a certain topic online. This recent change from google is designed specifically with one thing in mind: providing valuable material when people look up something on the web.


Effect of The Helpful Content Update on SEOs:

Despite being aimed at facilitating the average user, The Helpful Content Update raised much concern. This is because Google had altered the algorithm to only rank relevant content while essentially “shadow banning” the rest. Luckily SEOs have nothing to worry about!

As an SEO Service Company, we have meticulously gone through every little detail regarding the update, and we are here to help you navigate it. So scroll down for our helpful guide to find out how to survive the Helpful Content Update:


1.    Be Smart About Answering Queries Asked By Users:

Your content should be aimed at teaching people something or helping them accomplish a task. Creating search engine-friendly, high-quality articles takes time and effort but can affect how well you rank in Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages).

When writing for people rather than algorithms, it’s important to answer their queries and concerns and keep things interesting by including certain Tips for SEO throughout each piece, so readers can get something out of your content and stay on your site longer. In addition, it will help immensely in increasing your rankings.

Google is advising website owners against posting claims that aren’t factual. They say it’s important to ensure the reader knows if you’re writing about some rumors or inconclusive findings. They stay trustworthy by complying with this new update and informing their readers of what information there may be on these topics.


2.    Cater Your Content To Users:

Google has put more emphasis on user metrics to gauge the quality of a piece of content. These include things like time spent by visitors, organic click-through rates (CTR), and bounce rates which are used as indicators for whether or not people find what you are providing.

Google wants to ensure that you provide a satisfying experience when reading content. Disk Times Seo Tools can complete all of the criteria Google sets and still give the searchers what they need, which is more than text-based information. So make sure there are plenty of visuals. Satisfy their want by giving them everything.


3.    Evaluate Your Content Marketing Strategy:

Content is a huge part of your marketing strategy, so does yours have the right tone to translate your goals? Take a good look at your content strategy and ask whether it’s working. For example, why are some of your articles getting high engagement rates more popular than others?

You should rethink what information is best for your audience’s consumption or change how you deliver any particular piece. Hence, every user in your audience has something that might interest them!


4.    First-Hand Experiences And Research Over Regurgitated Content:

The content you create for Google should be engaging and informative but refrain from writing about things that haven’t happened to you. Instead, it is better to research and write from a third-party perspective.

This will help create content for search engines as well as users that are more interesting because the author themselves has not only written them but also come with affiliate links so people can learn more information if interested in buying or using whatever product has been discussed within the article.

The more original and engaging your content, the better. When writing about something outside of your expertise, ensure to provide enough detail for readers who may also have experience with this particular topic so they can get value out of their time invested in reading it!


5.    Never Stray Far From Your Brand Niche:

Google is telling us that websites should focus on a specific niche. So think about what kind of content would best serve the needs and vision you have in mind when designing your web pages.

Websites should be niche-oriented and not try to appeal to multiple subjects. It will help visitors and search engines better understand your site because they are only investing time into one area of interest, which you can expand on later if needed or desired by the user!


6.    Topic Clusters Are Good For Business:

Topic cluster posts are important to Google because they allow the search engine giant to estimate a site’s expertise in specific topics. It’s also great for ranking multiple long-tail keywords rather than just a few short ones, which will help your site rank higher on overall searches and better target potential customers with relevant ad campaigns!

Topic clusters are an excellent way to show Google that you’re an expert in your niche. In addition, they can help rank long-tail keywords and give off a more authentic voice for the search engine, making them much easier on both yourself and the average users.


7.    Stay Up To Date On Future Updates:

With the Helpful Content Update, Google has issued a reminder about staying up to date on any recent changes in the search engine algorithm. If you’ve already followed their advice about these two topics, then there is no need to worry because this new helpful content should have little impact on your site’s performance!



SEOs have always had to worry about their content and how it impacts their website ranking. However, with the helpful content update, they need to be aware of how their content is presented to users.

Creating valuable content that will keep users on your site longer is more important than ever. Evaluate your current content marketing strategy and make changes where necessary to stay ahead of the competition. First-hand experiences and research are crucial in today’s online world. Stay current on all updates so you can continue implementing best practices.

If you are having trouble coping with the new update? Ring a reputable SEO Service Company to help optimize your site before your competition gets ahead of you on the SERPs!


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