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If you have anything to do with running or creating a website, you have surely heard of WordPress. Moreover, you have definitely got to know this content management system (CMS) pretty well. It started as a simple, user-friendly blogging platform which was supposed to enable people to set up and run their blogs simply and efficiently, while concentrating on the content, instead of programming and coding in the back. Now, it has broadened the array of services that it provides and has turned from a blogging platform into a full CMS which can run complete websites. This has made it increasingly popular and it has been rapidly expanding ever since. There are now over 71 million websites around the Web which are run on the WordPress platform, according to their statistics. This means that over 55% of all the websites run on any kind of CMS are running on this one.


So, why choose WordPress, and not Joomla or Drupal, which are both very good and stable systems? Here are a few reasons:

The main focus

This system has been designed to solve the problems that potential hobby-bloggers could have on their mission to spread their word to the wide world the Internet. The bloggers have always been the main target audience for the people at WP and it has always been evolving so that it could solve their problems better. This also means that the focus of the whole system is put on providing valuable and quality content.

On the other hand, the other ‘proper’ CMSs are usually made to contain everything that a proper IT geek would need to create a website, which means that they are not really forthcoming for the average user who only wishes to create a blog.

It is delightfully easy to use

If you have ever had the chance to see what WP looks like and how it operates, you have surely seen that it does not require you to be all knowing about the Internet to know how to operate it. Someone who is not considered a ‘techie’ can easily set-up and run a blog or even a small website. All it requires is a few days of getting to know the basics. After picking up the essentials of setting up the site, you will be able to learn-as-you go and to incorporate various new ideas into your project.

So, no matter whether you take blogging as a hobby or you are a small business that wishes to establish an online presence, this platform can help you with your goals, as it will not require much effort to get to know it.


It is an open-source system and can easily expand

The fact that it is an open-source system makes WP a really flexible platform which will enable you to do whatever you wish with your website. There are thousands of WordPress plug-in developers and over 20,000 created plug-ins for this system. Of course, even the basic elements are subject to change, upgrade or removal. There are many types of plug-ins that will help you with all sorts of problems and, most importantly, they are regularly updated.

You can find support easily

The community that stands behind this system is really something that they can boast with. It is not at all difficult to stumble into a WP developer who is willing to help you with any problems you may have or any custom alterations that you wish to find. The people behind WP have understood that the experienced users can be a valuable support to new ones and they encourage them to participate in problem solving, via forums or any other way of communication.

It is extremely SEO friendly

The people from Google (especially Matt Cutts, obviously) consider WP to be made to excel at SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which actually says a lot about this system. SEO is very important for small businesses, because it strives to increase the visibility of the business’ website on search engines (primarily Google). When you set up a website with WP, you get many SEO-important things right away and, with a few alterations and tweaks, you get an excellent foundation for any further SEO work.

If you are in need of having a website, then I strongly suggest that you should give this platform a try. The reasons above have been enough for quite a large number of people and the statistics clearly show that WordPress is indeed dominating over all the other content management systems.

Author Bio:

Mark Taylor is a full time employee with web development Melbourne company – Leading Edge Web – as a digital producer and UX specialist. Working closely with global brands and leading Australian businesses, he helps define the optimum digital solution for their online presence. Mark also liaises with internal developers and creative teams in managing project scope.

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