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Before you build a website, you need to properly plan the layout, the content, the website development platform, the package, and much more. The process can take some days or even months. All you need to make this process quick and simple is WordPress development services. You can choose many platforms for website development, and one of the most reasonable and suitable ones is WordPress. And for this, you can hire a WordPress development expert who will do all the required work to help you build your website and make its online presence.

Once your website is set and running, you can easily do the amendments and edits as and when required on WordPress. So, choosing the right platform to build your business website is crucial. In this article, we have given the benefits of choosing custom WordPressdevelopment services to build your website. So, keep reading and get to know some facts and advantages of WordPress.


What is WordPress? – Know a Little More

WordPress originated in 2003. Since then, it has been blooming as one of the most popular blogging platforms. Now, it has also evolved as the top OS website development platform. You can easily download and install WordPress for free. So far, the content management system is very feasible to use.

Everyone starting from personal blogs and small websites to large businesses like Sony, NBC, Time Inc, and much more, use WordPress as their website development platform. Almost 30% of sites all over the internet are built on WordPress.


Some Quick Facts about WordPress

There are a number of choices to choose from for website development platforms for blogging and creating websites. Some of the common platforms are WordPress, Joomla, Wix, and many more. Out of all the options, WordPress is most commonly used.

Following are some proven statistics that show the continuous growth of WordPress as a web development platform.

  • 77 million new comments and 70 million posts are produced every month on WordPress.
  • Almost 409 billion users visit 20 billion pages hosted on WordPress.
  • Of the top 100 websites, WordPress powers 14.7% of them.
  • There are 35 versions released by WordPress so far.

WordPress has several WordPress and Woocmmerce plugin tools and features to help you build a creative website. Also, WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform where you can implement all the SEO techniques to boost your site’s online presence. You can seek help from a professional offering WordPress development services for all the activities as your website must be visible on the search engine.


What are the Key Benefits of WordPress Application Development?

1. Adaptable and Stable

WordPress allows you to make changes and update the website when required. There can be specific needs with time where you need to make edits to your website. Using WordPress, you can easily do it. To keep up with the ongoing online trends, you can pick from various themes and features.


2. SEO Friendly

 To make your website’s presence on a search engine, you need to apply SEO practices. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform that allows you to implement almost all SEO-related strategies. Also, there is a separate SEO plugin available on WordPress, using which you can implement other advanced practices.


3. Responsive Websites

WordPress is a content management system that provides responsive websites. Your viewers will use any device to access the website and get a fantastic experience with the responsive layouts. Custom WordPress development services help you generate responsive sites and create the best hoa website platforms for your audience.


4. Complete Support from the Community

WordPress offers complete technical support and is a vast community having several forums with volunteers to help you out. You can share your queries related to WordPress and get quick responses.


5. Quick Content Sharing

If your website is developed on WordPress, you can easily share your content. There will be everything, including the plugin, APIs, and widgets required for social media. You can share content on various platforms with ease and simplicity.


6. Convenient to Use

To build a website on WordPress, you do not have to be an expert in coding languages. Just with some basic knowledge, you can create an engaging website. Many features, tools, and plugins are available to help you build a website with no difficulty.



There are endless benefits and features of WordPress. Being a generic user, you might not be able to implement all the facilities.  Professional WordPress development services can help you make the most of it. So hire an expert offering WordPress development services, and let them plan and implement the strategy to build your website and make its online.


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