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More and more startup businesses are using Ruby on Rails framework for their needs. It’s growing in popularity because it’s so easily adaptable to almost all kinds of online businesses.  There are many types of businesses that use Ruby on Rails for building customer web apps such as travel sites, e-commerce sites, and educational sites to name a few.


There are many large companies, such as Shopify, that have several things in common including starting their business projects as an MVP and use Ruby on Rails for that purpose. Twitter, Hulu, and Yellow Pages also use Ruby on Rails for web site development.


So, what is it about Ruby on Rails that large and small companies have decided to use this framework?  Let’s start with a little information about Ruby on Rails:


What Ruby on Rails Is:


This is a web application framework that is written in Ruby.  Similar to other web frameworks, they use the Model-View-Controller to program apps.  The biggest difference, Ruby on Rails has tools that help to speed up the development and make the entire project much easier.  That’s why Ruby on Rails is the perfect match for startups.


First released by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2004, Ruby on Rails was first launched as an open-source that anyone could contribute to.  Hansson came up with this idea when he was working on the project management tool Basecamp.  In 2007, he was amazed when he discovered that Apple announced they were shipping Ruby on Rails with their latest Mac OS X!  That led to further framework development that proved to be a great success.


In 2008, a new framework for web application called Merb was created.  It gave developers features that were missing in Ruby on Rails.  It was finally decided to merge the two together, eliminating any disadvantages in Ruby on Rails and increased its presence with added benefits.


Why Ruby on Rails Is So Popular:


Two factors that are critical to startups is time and money.  It’s pretty common that startups are looking for ways to accelerate their development and still have money for marketing and future growth.  Ruby on Rails makes any project shorter to complete and has a lot of third-party libraries which have some ready-made functionalities.


Ruby on Rails has many ready-made solutions and tools to create projects more efficiently and in a much shorter period of time.  It has useful modules and plugins to address almost all problems that you might encounter.


For Security:


Ruby on Rails is considered one of the most secure frameworks.  From the very beginning, great attention has gone into its security and reliability of Ruby on Rails apps.  It builds safe web projects, preventing SQL injections and cross-site scripting.  Some features are available by default and some others require the installation of additional plugins.




Using Ruby on Rails for back-end development will give you peace of mind.  You will be able to find and eliminate any bug or technical issue immediately allowing for building high-quality software.


Free Programming Language:


Small startups are spending enough to take care of their other business requirements including marketing costs, server fees, and hosting charges.  Ruby on Rails is the perfect solution because you won’t spend money on your programming language – it’s free!


In A Nutshell:


Ruby on Rails is flexible, scalable, and fast!  It cuts development costs, saves time, and it’s fun to work with!

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