7 Time Management Tips for Graphic Designers [Plus 5 Free Online Graphic Design Software]

Everyone has 24 hours every day but some people seem to have more. They manage to get every work done on the dot, and at times, with more time to spare. Sounds too good to be true? It is possible to accomplish so much even in such a little time. The secret to this feat is time management. If you are a graphic designer, you do not need to have the power to stop or slow downtime. What you need to master is the art of time management to maximize your productivity and not get caught between projects and deadlines.   Importance of Time Management to Graphic Designers The graphic industry is highly competitive. If you want to be the top choice among your competitors, being dependable and efficient at…
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7 Website Design Tips Based on Consumer Psychology

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The combination of psychology and design is nothing less than powerful in terms of engaging your end-users. Companies today are studying and analyzing consumer behavior to modify their products and services. With many websites and options available to your target customers it is important to use psychological principles while designing it.  By adding certain psychological triggers, you can push your users to follow a certain path or take the desired action.  However, companies must note that using consumer psychology while designing a website may not work if these principles are not understood well by the design team. In fact, adding too many psychological triggers may turn your consumers away from your website or irritate them with excessive elements.  Here are the top 7 Website Design Tips based on consumer psychology…
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