How to Configure and Setup Magento 2 Multi-Store

Whether it's a website development or setting up web stores, Magento is not a new word to developers. Magento is a powerful tool for improving your website's appearance and functionality. Magento 2 multi-store, one of its four levels, is critical for streamlining admin users' jobs. Additionally, it increases brand professionalism in customers' eyes. If you're still unsure about Magento 2 multi-store capabilities, don't hesitate to read down for some incredibly-simple information.   What is Magento Multi-Store? Magento uses the GWS terminology. GWS stands for the first letter of these words: Global, Website, Store. It describes how to set up many websites and stores within a single store. "Global" refers to the entire Magento installation. A website is a name for the domain you're using. On the same website, multiple stores…
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