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The only business that is growing rapidly is web hosting.

No matter how worse the situation gets around the world, but web hosting will never have a back seat.


What is Web Hosting?

It is a service, where a company provides server space to its users. This server space is used to store the website and through which the website gets displayed on the internet.

As we know, the usage of the internet and online businesses is growing, so the demand for web hosting is growing parallelly.

Are you a web hosting provider?

Or do you have plans to own a web hosting business?

Of course, it’s a business that won’t see a down phase, and requirements for it will be in demand.

But, to keep up at the top in the web hosting business, you will need to enhance it with WHMCS.


What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is software that automates the task of billing and other operations of your web hosting business.

To run a web hosting business, you need infrastructure, staff, internet, computers, server, etc.

Managing all these gets very difficult. Additionally, if you have to manage everything on your own, then when will you get the time to focus on your business?

Thus, web hosting providers are now opting for WHMCS service.

Where they don’t need to invest anything extra in these services and also get the work done automatically.

So, when you choose WHMCS you need to be careful about its products. WHMCS comes with various modules and themes and selecting one that best suits you can be a task. It is always advised to get the right suggestion from a WHMCS provider like WHMCS Global Services.

Their staff is always ready to help you in your selection. Also, they provide the best guidance to the newbies that can benefit the business.

People take their opinion because of the WHMCS template customization as per the business needs.

Are you looking for the best WHMCS products?

Here are Top 5 WHMCS Products that will boost your web hosting business.



1.WHMCS One Step Checkout

It is one of the most powerful checkouts WHMCS orderform templates. It boosts the checkout process of your WHMCS store with its outstanding features.

WHMCS order form templates like One Step Checkout come with a fully responsive layout and supports multiple businesses. It has a fast UI/UX that is easy to use by laymen.

Country-based payment – the payment gateway that suits your country’s preference.

Payment Gateway icons – Checkout payment icons make your order form attractive.

Mini cart for mobiles – mobile-friendly WHMCS orderform templates

Detailed summary – an order summary with every detail like a number of products, prices, coupon codes, etc.

Product Information – WHMCS orderform templates that display information about your products.


2.TwentyX (20X) WHMCS Theme

It is a WHMCS theme that supports multiple languages.

Key features of 20X themes are :

(i)Highly Responsive – allows you and your customers to navigate seamlessly on any device. It offers a variety of client area pages to choose your unique option.

(ii) No License Check – eliminate the license verification process and time.

(iii) No Loss In Changes – TwentyX is a child theme of WHMCS8.1, hence, even if you make any changes, the previous information still remains stored at the server.

(iv) Flat and Modern designs – ultra-modern look to make your website easy to access.

(v) Fast and Easy – it is an ultra-lightweight theme and hence reduces the website loading time.


3. WHMCS GST Module

Since the GST has come into the market, maintaining bills have become a hectic task. All the tasks and their percentage needs to be managed carefully. Thus, to avoid any trouble and mistakes, it is better to get the WHMCS GST module.

The module automatically setups GST rules.

It creates an invoice format that meets all the GST requirements.

All transactions as per the GST guidelines are showed under reports

It offers SAC codes for each product and gets added dynamically into an invoice.

The authorized signature option gives professional look to your bills.


4. Account Statement Module

This module is specially created to meet the accounts-related requirements of every web hosting business. Businesses that are managing online billing transactions using WHMCS CMS can also use the Account Statement Module

Users can create bulk statements, get PDF formats, get specific user statements, pdf statement layout, etc through Account Statement Module.


5. WHMCS Cloudflare Module

As a web hosting provider, you need a DNS setting. But creating a whole DNS infrastructure can cost you a lot. Thus, Cloudflare offers free DNS hosting and WHMCS Global Services also allows you to reseller them.

Clients can easily order Cloudflare services from their WHMCS website.

 Are you looking for any of these products for your online business?

If yes, then get in contact with WHMCS Global Services and make your business workflow easy.


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