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In case you haven’t heard, Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server for your development team to test, review and share emails from where you are preparing your project. You will be able to test with real data without running the risk of spamming your customers.  Mailtrap is created by Railsware and for some development stages, it’s free.

You simply sign up for Mailtrap then email all your preproduction environments through your fake Mailtrap SMTP server.  You can view and debut your email using their friendly GUI.

You can also use Mailtrap to put dumps on your production database with real user emails through tests on your staging server.  Your automated test runs opposite the real data by sending emails through Mailtrap.  This will eliminate the risk of testing emails that could go to real customers’ emails.

How To Get Started:

You can even sign up using your Google or GitHub accounts.  Once it’s confirmed you will see a demo of your inbox in the Mailtrap GUI.  Next, you will go through setting up Mailtrap within your development environment.  When you click on the Settings icon, you will notice each Mailtrap inbox has its own SMTP server credentials, which you can reset any time.

There are many tabs to choose from to debug your application’s outbound email.  Your HTML source is “confirm your account on My Application”. Mailtrap is a very powerful way to debug your outbound email message content and markup.

Sharing Inboxes & Message With Your Team:

If you have a large team, your developers can have access to each mailbox with links.  You can also automatically forward all your messages to their accounts and invite them to create their own Mailtrap accounts.

Mailtrap API:

You can write automated tests against Mailtrap mailbox content using their API that’s documented on apiary.  You can run automated scripts opposite a snapshot of your active production database, verify the content and markup the message that will be delivered by your codebase using Mailtrap API.

The Cost For Mailtrap:

If you have a small number of developers or tasks, Mailtrap is free.

Larger groups of developers and tasks will vary in price from $120 to $300 annually.


Mailtrap is incredible with its capabilities and debugging features that are extremely useful and very affordable.  It is a very simple and easy to use while providing so many benefits that you really should try for yourself.

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