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What’s the most important part of online retail business? Leads, you would say. Of course leads are important, but what’s the point of having leads which don’t convert. Conversion rate of an e-commerce site speaks about its success. The higher the conversion rate, the more is the number of purchases and the better is the reputation of the store among-st buyers. Are you wondering about the conversion rate of your Magento store and devising ways to improve it? Well, stop thinking and start reading. To convert leads into sales, there are few fundamentals which you must keep in mind and opt for the right Custom Magento development partner. Enlisted below are 5 such fundamentals. Read through and understand how you can optimize the conversion of your site.

  • KISS (Keep it Short and Simple): Keep the layout of your Magento store simple, organized and clean. This will help your consumers in browsing your products in a more detailed manner and finally purchasing something which interests them. Also, ensure that users can easily locate your shopping cart and it is accompanied by easy-to-understand instructions. This will prompt customers to use it more often and all your sales will be funneled into the cart.
  • Invest in a Reliable Server: Have you ever thought about this- how many sales will you lose in case your site isn’t up and running or takes too much time to load? Uncountable! To avoid such a situation, you need to ensure that your site is live 24X7 and for this you will have to invest in a reliable server. Whether you have a personal server or are using the services of a web hosting provider, make sure that the server you are using is secure and stable. In order to cater to current clients and increase your consumer base further, your Magento store has to be operational 24X7. A site which is accessible round the clock, converts better.
  • Market to Your Target Customers: Concentrate on the niche you are dealing in and identify your potential customers using demographic analysis. If you think everyone is an ideal customer, it’s time to do a thorough market research and think again. Understand your product; analyze who is buying it, which demographic your buyers hail from and what is that demographic interested in. Tailor your service message according to information you gather. Gear your message towards the needs and requisites of your target audience and your sale is most likely to increase.
  • Keep the Checkout Process Cinch: Don’t make your buyers wander too or wait for long before the checkout is complete. This might force them to leave without shopping for anything at all. If your checkout process is intricate, your shopping cart is more likely to get abandoned. Use the quick and easy one-step checkout system available in Magento, and render a happier shopping experience. Stay true to it throughout your site and try to give an uncomplicated buying experience.
  • Make User Security Your Priority: A secured customer is a happy customer. Every buyer wants to be sure that his financial credentials will be kept secure. As you simplify the shopping experience for your consumers make sure you also add a disclaimer that all their data is safe on your site and you will not promote it at any instance. If you keep your customers’ financial information safe will help you in inculcating faith in them regarding your Magento store.

With the aid of savvy marketing tips and the aforementioned tricks, you can improve the conversion rate of your Magento store and see the success of your store increase in leaps and bounds.

Author bio- Nick Carter is a freelance blogger associated with Custom magento development company at full-time basis. He has been blogging for company for past 5 years and currently heads the editorial team of various magento development blogs and provides services to hire magento developer.

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